Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I awake each morning in the white light
the day happens with me or without me
Transcends into darkness
Glimpses of hard truths
back into white
safety, familiarity, happy spaces
falls back into that dark space
reality, fears, indifference, obscurity
love sucks me back into light
but alas love also pulls me back into dark
vulnerability, jealousy, fears, insecurity
wondrous lighted love where all is possible, all is beautiful
hovers between, suspended by a thread, out of control
heart show me, lead me to the right path
give me more time

Monday, December 21, 2009


Did you ever want to go to some tropical paradise for Christmas! Not so much to celebrate Christmas in a warm climate, but to escape the norm.
That thought has been on my mind ever since my cyber cypher suggested that is what she wanted for Christmas. I would love doing that, and just to see the look on my families faces when I tell them "I'm going to Hawaii for Christmas" would be priceless! I think we should plan on that for next Christmas, because alas it would be pretty impossible this year! That would make the New Year and the tedious months to follow go by faster with the anticipation of a fabulous vacation in Hawaii for Christmas could be an awesome reality! Of course, we may get lost there and never come back, which come to think of it is even more alluring. What the hell, I've always wanted to become a surf bum anyways and what better place to do that? Maybe Kauai instead? yeah less crowded and more people like us :)It would be nice to be a local and not laughed at as a tourista visiting.
It's funny, my dad was born on Oahu and I've only been there once. He was there when they bombed Pearl harbor. He joined the Army and got sent to another island in the pacific. Talk about dumb luck! My father bounced around in the military for a number of years before moving to California to pursue a career in Art. Oahu from my experience is the biggest hodgepodge of cultural diversities. A lot of prejudice there, and downright hatred, but Kauai is beautiful and has a whole different feel to it. My uncle was a fighter pilot in WW2 and the Korean wars. He has written books about his wartime experiences and is quite a character. He lives on maui now. I know so little about the islands thanks to my dad hating them so, that we never visited there.
My father is one of those, like his father before him, unapproachable types. Growing up I mostly heard things like "Don't do as I do, do as I tell you or I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong." Other gems were when I had to help him work with tools. I would be told to hand him a wrench or something, not knowing which one, of course, and being called a dummy or idiot for not being able to read his fucking mind! As far as my grandfather goes, I don't think he spoke more than two sentences to me his whole life. I knew he was religious, because he would threaten constantly to leave all his money to the Catholic church.
I learned about love from my mother and from trial and error. Both my parents came from the no communication generation.
My mother was a loving, giving woman with a huge heart. She was outgoing friendly to everyone. She grew up in Monroe, Michigan. She spent her early adulthood in Detroit. She worked on the atom smashers during WW2in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I think that all the radiation exposure, and who knows what may have contributed to her Alzheimer's and other conditions. She never developed cancer though. She met my father in California where he was a poor art student and they worked at a dinner together. My dad got fired and my mom quit, Lol. They got married soon after. I have two older sisters and a younger brother. I spent most of my life in southern California. When i did finally decide to leave and make a new life for myself, something unexpected happened.
I always thought I would remain close to my family. Little did I know that they would consider me the trader who moved away. It has been quite a realization year after year to know that if I want to be a part of them, I have to make the sacrifice to go to them. I did that last year so I won't be going back sometime soon. I will be spending Christmas in lovely Sedona, Az with the other crazy family. Next year Kauai!! Merry Christmas family!
Happy Holidays everyone!
Peace out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I woke up this morning feeling pretty down and dismal. I was in my usual re-hashing all the same thoughts about where my life is going, not going. I turned on the TV and started watching "Angel Eyes" with Jennifer Lopez. I've seen it before, so I put on some music and turned the sound off on the TV. I do this a lot. I'd have to say that Jennifer Lopez is an amazing actress with the sound off, at least in this movie she is. She really has got the conveying with her eye's thing down.
I have been drawn to Joni Mitchell lately as I have most of my life. I pulled up "Hejira", a collection of nine tunes that probably reveal the most about her poetry and life than any other work she has done. To me, this does and I'm sure others have different opinions. For me, this collection of poetry speaks directly to me. It actually does more than that, it gets inside of me. I would go further and state that I actually have mystic experiences while listening to her. I should say hearing her, not listening. we can listen to music, but it is not the same as hearing it. Through hearing and getting inside the musics essence is where the true power of music lies. For me, as it started today, it forms a slight tingle in my head, then grows in intensity circling over my whole body in waves of healing energy. It doesn't happen too often, but when it comes it is one of the most inspiring feelings I've ever felt. I guess you could say that Joni is like a guardian angelic to me :)
This process started for me when I was a teenager. The first time i felt it I was scared at first, then it felt like a hand over my heart holding me and then the wave of pulsing tingling and healing took place. It is awesome!
When I studied light meditation in Seattle with an energy healer, a shaman I learned to open up other colors of light energy and how to direct them through my body and others. They can also be used to protect yourself and heal specific areas that need it.
They can even be directed at inanimate objects for protection, such as your car. White light works best for this. How this comes to me through playing Joni, I don't know. I just accept it and consider it a blessing when it happens. My cyber cypher is telling me all the time, that this is just wires and pictures coming through a machine. I have to smile to myself, as I know she knows as I do that the wires and machine are only the messenger. The message is real. Energy follows thought and that is what is conveyed. As Empaths, it is hard to stay grounded. There is so many forces, people who need to suck our energy and we are bound to give it in sacrifice. It is our calling even amongst ourselves.
We feel things and know things that others may not see or feel. That doesn't mean that they can't, for I believe we all have the capability to do that, just some have closed the door to it for whatever reason.
It can be a blessing and a curse.
Today it is a blessing!
Thank you Joni! Thank you God!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Hope everyone is surviving the holiday madness so far! I still can't get into Christmas music. It's not so much that I don't like it but it bombards us so much, that it gets sickening after a while. I'm not alone in this am I? Everywhere and every year it comes sooner and faster. Peeps start decorating for Halloween now two or more weeks before then it just takes off from there. When I was kid, peeps didn't even decorate for Halloween other than maybe put out a pumpkin with a real candle. Not a light that blinks, flashes whatever. a flicker of the candle. Remember that? Then thanksgiving was a low key family gathering. Today it is a big production and quite elaborate. then builds up to Christmas! The celebration of our lords birth! When Jesus preached the spirit of giving, I think he had good will in mind. Helping your neighbors, forgiving your enemies, loving your families. How we got it twisted into this commercial circus it has become today is beyond reason. Gift giving in my family has become the epitome of everything commercial you can think of. Like that is supposed to make you happy and fulfilled. No enrichment of my life for Christmas sake but a new gadget, toy, some tech thing should surely do the trick. Thank you God, thank you Jesus! Now I'm not usually a reactionary but when it comes to what we have done to Christmas, I would like to go back to the days when the true meaning of Christmas was celebrated. The spread of love, cheer, a genuine caring and interest in your fellowman. I know the sentiments still exist. I witness them from time to time. Try to change the way you celebrate Christmas and if you have kids, they think they are being punished, or you get called a cheapskate or worse. There is always someone there to pump you full of guilt. look at the fucking commercials on TV. "He went to Jerrod's. A diamond is forever. if your a guy, then its Man-tools, Home depot, Sears Craftsman. Yeah power me up baby! New cars, caviar...think Ill buy a football team-pink Floyd" And what is this shit about all these so-called sales? You cranking out cash for something you think someone else wants or likes and your supposed to feel good about spending the money cause you saved a little?? Every retailer jacks up the price of everything at Christmas just so they can tell you it's on sale when in reality your paying top dollar. I really have nothing against the giving of gifts concept, just why does it have to be so corrupted and stressful? Too much pressure! Not enough feeling good and natural celebration to me. How do you all feel about it? If I'm full of shit, then so be it but I'd really prefer to skip Christmas one year. Whew! I feel better, now I hope I didn't bum everyone out...just saying...OK OK I will try to find a way to get in the Christmas spirit. It usually doesn't hit me until around Christmas eve and after several bottles of beer :) As my friend Geri reminded me, no matter what stance we take, we are bound to offend someone, but isn't that what Christ was: Truth, Love. A true offender! We should all strive to be true to ourselves and in doing so be true to him.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today is about time. Appropriate as we all have very little of that commodity.
I thought about it and realized how time is used in music. so here goes:
No Time left for you, on my way to better things. How does anybody really know what Time it is. Time is on your side, yes it is. Stepping in a Timezone. It's the Time of the season.Time to kill. It's Time like these. well, you get the idea. It goes on and on. So much emphasis placed on a man-made thing. We all want so much more of it, that isn't it really the biggest addiction we succumb to? What did they do in the days before man started watching the stars? Now there's a big waste of the stuff.Time and space. No Time to spend hours with you, I've got all these other commitments of my Time. Is it not really just about re-arranging things so that you can do what you want for leisure? We Time our work! You were seven minutes late, so we are docking your pay. Where did that expression come from? what is docking anyway. All stemmed out of a fee charged for a boat docking along shore. Just like rent! Can you imagine a world without time? what would we call it when we pass it, cheat it, use it, harness it, loose it, need more of it, borrow it, beg for it, capture it, sleep in it? Take Time off! Use it or loose it! When you run out of it, your dead but not really, you just inherit it eternally! hmmmm how nice full circle! :) Peace out!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


For the last couple of months, I've been working on recapturing my music collection. When my Dell of almost eleven years had a hard drive crash (That's right 11 years, unheard of) after trying to remove a virus someone on twitter sent me (Thank you very Much Mark Taylor) I could not salvage anything. Of course it is my fault for not having it all backed up to a external hard drive. A lesson hard learned to say the least. As many of you know I'm a DJ on blipFM and it has been a learning experience to become exposed to new music and friends. I love the variety of the music these awesome DJ's blip on there. I was never really a big "Metal" freak or a big hair fan, whatever you want to call it, but since becoming a DJ, I have discovered/re-discovered all these bands. My mainstream music has always been Classic Rock, Alternative, Pop, Jazz. I have such a vast knowledge of Classic rock that many think I'm much older than I really am. I have devoted ridiculous hours studying and listening to it. Still I find it amazing that there such a vast amount of music out there that I know little about. I would really like to take an opportunity to thank all of the DJ's on blip for sharing with me their music and knowledge of all kinds. My heart is still deep rooted in the classic rock, but thanks to them, I have learned to grow in appreciation of some great musical styles. Besides, I can't listen to the same stuff all the time, even though I think my ipod is possessed to keep playing the same bands over and over when set on shuffle. With close to 5000 songs now and growing, you would think it would have plenty to shuffle around!
I wish I could thank you all personally but there are vastly too many. You all are AWESOME!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


A dear friend and fellow writer told me recently that after saying I love you to someone, the next best thing you can say is I'm Sorry. While it is a hard and humbling thing to apologize to another person, sometimes it is not accepted by the person you did not intend to hurt in the first place. Sometimes it is just too late or for reasons unknown to you, they cannot forgive you. It is too bad our emotions don't come with a built-in time out. That would certainly prevent me from overreacting and running away with my emotions. I do tend to make ridiculous assumptions about what I think is/isn't going on. I cannot believe that I allow myself to be ruled by my head, even after all the wrong roads it has taken me down. My heart should be the only thing I ever listen to, so why I let my head try to convince me that something completely false is real is beyond me. I'm old enough to know I should take a step back and pause before reacting. I've been trying to do a little soul-searching to see if I can find out where the insecurities come from. Sure, there is a lot of hurt and mistrust in my past. There is always my father's influence and his strong negativity lingering in me. My mother's overbearing influence and obsession with protection. I know how all of these have shaped me, and still I remain an individual that has to take responsibility for my action. I cannot blame my up-bringing or past hurt for my actions today. I probably had the most positive person in my life in years, and instead of enjoying her and growing our relationship, I allowed my head to start down a negative anti-trust spiral down. Is it true that we get stuck, because we think that we do not deserve to be happy? or is it being comfortable in our misery? If I think the worst, then I cannot be hurt again, or some idiotic line of thought. The hardest thing for me to do is to just stop all the internal dialog and just listen to my heart. I have spent years building up a barrier to shield myself from hurt.
I do not wish to live like this anymore. I do not want to become my father and mother. I want to learn from my mistakes and move on in a positive direction. I want to believe and know in my heart that I deserve happiness and living in the positive. Listen to your heart, Jeff. It has always known the true meaning of love and been there to guide you, if you would just let it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wow! What a rough week! Thanksgiving tomorrow and I can tell you all right now, about the only thing I will be thankful for is that I can keep plying myself with alcohol all day, for when I return on monday, my life will become a holy living hell!
Isn't it great to get a day or two off but most companies these days are not about to loose any revenue over it. The old days of actually celebrating a holiday and not worrying in the true spirit, of how much it was going to cost them. Those days are long gone my friends. Now it is more like sure we have to give you a paid day off, but you are going to make up for it by doing two days work in one when you get back!
At least, that is how it is in the medical field and I suspect it is like that everywhere. Retail has got to be the worst though. I pity anyone working in retail during the holidays. So as I drink myself into a stupor tomorrow, I'll be hoping that you all will too and we all can be thankful for having a job and living in this great country whichever one you got stuck calling home. I'm sure whatever country you live in is the best no matter what anyone tells you.
We'll be drinking Margaritas by the seaside, mamasita!
Ok so it's only a creek but I do love that line from Thelma and Louise.
What could be better than that except maybe umm.. you know what with those two by the seaside as they were soooo hot in those days. Susan Serrandan and Gena Davis were both extremely sexy in their youth. They both still have a lot of sexual appeal!
ok I'm going off a sidetrack here, but come to think of it, it is not one I would mind at all going off on. The average male mind thinks about sex every five minutes, they say but I think about it probably every few seconds :)
Happy Thanksving!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?
Now I know some folks love the holidays! The chance to be around family, friends, acts of merriment. I go just for the food! I know that sounds terrible doesn't it? The fact remains, that in my family, I will be offended at some point over some political argument or crack. I'm always out numbered, so they feel free to make whatever joke or comment about how my side is screwed up! They even have their kids join in with the joke fest. Does this happen in every one's household? I'm sure I'm not alone in hating being in the position of being a minority and apparently an idiot for having my beliefs. It always leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that in another month I get to come back again to do it all over again. Can't wait! On the other side of the family, I get this email from my sister written by her daughter, my niece, saying that she wanted to have the Thanksgiving dinner at her house and she wanted all of the family "and I mean all of the family" there. The email goes on to mention everyone in the family by name except me. I email my sister back and say; "I guess she really only wanted the "real" family to come because, apparently I'm not a part of. At this point, some of you may be thinking that this man is too sensitive and should just go with the flow? I probably would save myself a lot of anguish if i could, but for reasons beyond my control, I always get real emotional at this time of year. Do some of you have this happen, and if so how do you cope with it?
If I'm lucky, I can get through the day of watching football, listening to political shit, the family gossip, eating so many snacks that I have no appetite for the big turkey dinner, not to mention numerous amounts of drinks. The more I can drink, the easier to cope. Then when it is finally time to sit down and devour the feast, they have this tradition of going around the table and asking each person to state what they are thankful for this year! PLEASE, please, please spare me!! Now we have to listen to about 20-25 people rant on about being thankful for their spouses, children, health you all know the drill. Does anyone remember what the next person was thankful for the previous year? I think not. I know I don't nor do I really care because it all hype anyways. This also gives them an excuse to once again mention their political gratitude for what a great country we live in blah blah blah! One year we said we were not going to do anything political and so who starts in, but the youngest daughter! My sister smacked her in the back of the head which triggered another heated exchange from her dad about how dare she put her hands on his daughter! Got to love it!
Mother, Mary and Joseph please get me through this week!
Please comment to me on how normal people celebrate thanksgiving or how yours is much worse than mine. Misery loves company!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It has been a rough week. My co-worker was let go on Monday and I have been running a one-man show. I knew it would be rough when they started piling on more patients. The first three days I had help from others and everything seemed to be ok. Now toward the end of the week and still way behind, the enthusiasm to help has somewhat faded. I'm getting responses like, "i have a meeting to go to and will help when it's over then nothing. Or "i have to do this then I will be back and they don't come back. It is so typical in the workplace, that people have good intentions but when it comes down to it, they loose interest. This is not the type of job that you can let run behind before it starts running away out of control. I may have to just let that happen until they get the point. Human Resources crawls at turtle speed to get positions posted and really could care less how long it takes. Hiring a temp is not a good idea because the time it takes to train them is so time consuming that I may as well do it myself. Life is grand for me right now. I have put in long ass hours and feel like a permanent fixture there. Isn't it great to be screwed? Screwed is where I want to be! ha ha who cares! See you all when tide recedes! Peace out!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The last coupla of days have been intense! I'm trying to get ready for a killer next week and knowing what I know and cannot share with anyone is causing me to loose sleep. There comes a price with privey information, so while I have the anticipation of the outcome of events, I cannot find any resolve in it. I will eliminate one problem while creating another. Isn't that always the way? Just when you find a way to make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends. I look to my friends and co-workers for support, knowing that I alone must accept the fate that is about to be bestowed upon me. hopefully, it will all work out in the end however I hate the unknown. It makes me uncomfortable.What is he rambling about you may ask? It all will be revealed by early next week when I can share what is happening at the workplace. If I can find a moment that is to be able to write. I know this is a crappy post! Please bear with me and I hope things will get better soon! Peace out!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today would have been my mother's birthday! She left us after suffering from Alzheimer's for the last part of her life. I was playing the song "mother" by Tori Amos to a dear friend when I realized what today was. My friends gift to me to keep me from being sad was to share her experience with helping her mother in assisted suicide. I cannot even fathom how something like that would affect me. I believe that when someone you love is suffering so much and there is nothing else that can be done to help them, that it is OK to help them cross over. The thought of actually having to assist with that is something I'm sure none of us can imagine how that feels. I know at some point I may be faced with this same decision. How do you weigh or balance your feelings on such a heavy burden? The legal ramifications alone, would be enough to scare me but as in her situation, the love for that person and helping them to end their suffering would out weigh the consequences. The guilt associated with the assist must be overwhelming though and I imagine would take a long time to heal from. whether one believes or not in suicide, there are some situations that make it impossible to just allow nature or God take care of. I know one day I will be faced with the same decision as we have already discussed at length this option when the time comes. Will I have the courage and will to carry this out? I hope I will, but I dread the thought of having to be in this position. If it was me who had to ask someone to help me die, I would hope they would help me leave the suffering behind and I know I would have to be at the brink of tolerance to give up hope like that. None of us really know what we would do, except my friend, but after reading extensively about starvation and what the body and soul goes through during that, there comes a point of no return when it must be best to resolve yourself to allow to move on to the next plane. Helping someone cross over can be a beautiful gift and everlasting at that. Feel free to post comments pro and con for I know there are many right and wrong answers on the subject. Judge not lest ye be judged comes to mind.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Awesome day! To be able to sit and appreciate the wonders around us and not be wrapped up in the hustle of the work-day madness is truly a blessing. So much of the week's time is wasted by being worried about being late, fighting the traffic, meeting your deadlines, etc. that the real wonders of the day pass us up. Of course it doesn't hurt to be sitting 50 yards away from the ocean and watching the surfers catch the morning waves, wishing I could be out there. Alas, my surfing days are over, but not forgotten. The cars cruise by with necks tweaked toward the water and not paying attention to where they are going, with bicyclists and joggers right next to them. It all seems to work out somehow, without mishap. The fisherman dominate the pier on both sides, like slot players at Vegas, never seeming to catch anything, at least not as I walk by. It's So. Calif. and there really is a different lifestyle here, unlike the desert I dwell in. I chose to leave this place many moons ago, and each visit makes me wonder why, but if here long enough, the reasons slowly seep back into this cobwebbed mind. With all the wonderful things it has to offer, the price comes high both literally and emotionally. Judging by the hoards of people that keep moving here though, I surely must be mistaken. There is something different about being born in a place as opposed to migrating there. When you spend most of your life in a single location, you become a part of it, the good with all the horrors associated with that. When you leave that place, over time, the horrors fade and your left with mostly the good thoughts about it. Why move back, just to have the goodness replaced once again by the horrors? It makes sense to me to keep the visits short and enjoyable. So it's two more days of bliss and then back to the desert I call home. Who knows, maybe the time away will make the dreaded commute back to work more palatable.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Watched the news today! What a mistake! I cannot stomach the garbage the media puts out there anymore! Politics, entertainment, current events, all lies! What can you believe anymore. It's all about hype and popularity. The problems that exist in this country today can all be traced back to one reason: Greed. Greed on the part of business, politicians, private sector, government. I think everything that is wrong with us is born out of greed. It is not the Democrats, Republicans, the military, our president, our congressional so-called leaders. They all out of greed have placed us down the path of self-destruction. The government selling secret technology to any country who will pay. The politicians taking from all the tax payers and getting perks from Special Interests groups. Corporations who don't give a damn about this country except how much green they can line their pockets with.
We had the top country in the world in every aspect, and they have pissed it all away with their greed. Maybe it is time for mother-nature to wipe out mankind, so the earth can start fresh again.
I know this sounds like all gloom and doom talk, but really when you think about it, what solutions are available to stop the spiral spinning of destruction this orb is heading to?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hollywood Lost

I'm starring at a mountain of work I have to do and sitting here instead writing this. I guess I'd rather write than anything else. Who wants to work anyways, sure it pays the bills, but provides little inspiration apart from the false sense that you are doing something worthwhile. I hear people talk about how they love their jobs and don't get me wrong I have a better job than a lot of people, but do I love what I do? It is not what I dreamed about, nor is this the place I thought I would end up. I wanted more than anything to be a musician or an actor. Growing up in Hollywood, I was exposed to the Hollywood scene and lifestyle. I knew quite a few actors, musicians, and a lot of would-be types. Each had their gifts and some who were quite good at their craft never got the break needed to make it. The bottom line is that we need to remember that they are just people like the rest and have the same feelings, insecurities, needs as everyone else. I've been told by some that acting is one of the most boring jobs around, with all the waiting around and repetition. It is a huge popularity contest and that can only add to the already immersed insecurities. Musicians on the other hand can be huge party animals or can be totally absorbed into their music. Usually they are quite serious about their craft, while maintaining the image of party animal. They all love the notoriety of having fans, money, fame and all that goes along. Some end up resenting the public as a whole, but who can blame them after the way the fans, media, paparazzi's and the ones who control their whole being. It is not as easy as we would all like to think being them. Sure they have the money, and all the lifestyle dreams they can want, but it is transient and soon gone before they realize it.
When I was a kid, I use to hang out with some of them. It was fun, exciting, and even got the opportunity to be in the Hollywood Christmas Parade with one actress. They used to practice their roping skills and other moves on me and my sisters. We were living in Laurel Canyon then, so had the best of worlds around us. Which brings me back to the point. How did I end up in Phoenix??? :(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today is a long-ass day that most people talk about. For me, they are all long days. I usually work ten hour days at the least. I have a lot of boring moments before I have to jump back into the madness of running around taking care of these people. So I try to jump on my computer when I can. The problem is that they have websense at work, which limits you to just being able to check your emails and go to news sites, that kind of thing. You cannot twitter, facebook, myspace or anything interesting or fun. You can go to ebay, which I find a little weird. I found out today that I can blip from work, that is. I've been checking that out lately. It is one of these who wants to be a DJ kind of site. Well with my love of music and loving #musicmondays on twitter, now I can play whatever music I like or can find (they have a limited selection) and it tweets it to my twitter. I'm not sure how many people actually click on my songs but apparantly the people on do network back and forth, so I'm making new friends which is always fun.
They do have some cool unusual finds on there and are adding more all the time. Oh and you can post comments about the music or dedicate songs before you blip. It is very much linked to twitter. I have not been able to get the auto blip feature to work on my facebook. It says it's enable but does not post there? Oh well! Why we need this work censorship on our internet is beyond me but I'm sure people take advantage if it's not there. You know the ones I'm talking about, like the big shot CEO going on porno sites and doing private sessions! Oh wait they probably can do that anyways, they don't have websence. When did the internet become such an evil conglomerate that big brother government and law agencies have to watch us all in the name of protection and homeland security. One more terrorist is just a clic away after all!
Land of the free? as long as we can define your freedom for you, sure you can be free.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


She stands watching me in a defensive stance. Looks at the Grulls, then back to me. She knows she is ill-equipped to defend herself against me, yet she appears to be unafraid. She looks to me with cautious curiosity for a moment, then the realization sinks in. "you are the Dragon I saw in my dream, are you not?" My mouth drops open. How could this be, how could she no this cannot be real, he says to himself. I watch her closely as I circle closer. "How could you possibly have seen me in your slumber" I say aloud to her. She steps back a little, perhaps taken off guard by my bellowing deep voice. "have we seen each other before?" she asks. "I um do not think we have," I say. Looking around at the charred bodies, she asks "why did you stop those Grulls from attacking me?" I hesitate before answering her. “Because of my dream or vision, I had to find out who you are” I said. She looks back at me in disbelief. “I was communicating with you and flying on your back.I was not afraid or uncomfortable at all, as if we were as one” she continued. “Who are you?” I asked.
“My name is Regana. I ‘am looking for my father’s captors. Our village was raided by a band of cutthroats in Surdana. My father was taken by the leader of these creatures. My mother was slain by a Trog. Our General Dehrimon was also killed leaving us without a ruler of our limited army. Why my father was sparred I do not know. I was out on a hunt for food and when I returned, I learned what had happened from Lenox, the town’s commissioner, who hide in the tower while watching the assault.”

I listened to her while watching the horizon for any signs of intrusion.
“And what do you plan to do if you find this band of thieves?” I asked.
“Considering that you are all alone, just how do you propose to take them all on? One on one? Are you an experienced warrior or marksmen?” I inquired.

“I am a proven warrior and marksmen and I have been given the gift of using the Drakan! A kind of time warp gateway device that allows the user to have the ability to shift through both time and different lands.” she continued. “I also am willing to give my life for my cause”

I circle her in deep thought, as I think about whether she can be of some use to my search. After a moment I ask
“You said that in your dream, you were riding on me, did you not?”
“Yes!” she replied.
“I have my own mission, which doesn’t concern you but I ‘am looking for my one true love who has been missing for sometime. Have you seen any sign of a Blue Dragon during your quest?” I asked.
“No I have not, I’m sorry to say” as she looks at me with despair.
“I was thinking that there may be some advantage to my helping you with your quest and you in return helping me find my love” I say.
“In addition, I continue, you may keep whatever gold or wealth you come across as I have no use for such things.”
“That is an interesting proposal, I must say she replies. One that I’m sure has never been tried before. How do I know that if you find your lady that you would keep your word and not make a meal of me or my father if we find him?” she asks cringing at the mouth, not knowing how he may take that.
I pause before answering. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Friday, August 21, 2009


Another day's useless energy spent! Or so the song goes by the Moody Blues. I sometimes think my day is useless or uneventful at the least, but there is always something awesome that will happen and make it all worthwhile. Tonight I was talking to a friend on yahoo and I suddenly got this feeling of Deja Vu. I got a flash that the conversation had taken place a while ago and I either dreamed it or lived it before. This happens to me quite a bit, enough to make me wonder how the connection works. Sometimes the clarity is absolute and other times it can be very vague. Why this happens I really do not understand, but it feels awesome when it comes. The idea of viewing portions of your life before it happens is fascinating to me. When I told her about it, she said I should meditate on it. I used to do light meditations somewhat based on the Chakra color points on the body. I would start with white light and have it circle me in a counter-clockwise motion above me. I would then have it circle within my body and send energy to different parts of my body. When I became celestial, I would either follow the light where it lead, or I would try to direct it to heal from within or protect from the outside. White light is very protective and the other colors are much harder to manifest. I became quite at one with violet. It is supposed to be representative of Saint Germain, the arch angel. I really had a strong connection with this, and still do. I took classes when I lived in Seattle, but have forgotten so much of it until now. I think there is so much more to the human spirit that we have just begun to understand and the mind is so vastly unused, who know how much potential there is left to discover.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Start with 'Roll On Down The Highway'

If you know this band then go back and re-visit, and if not, check them out!

Roll On Down The Highway by Bachman Turner Overdrive

A Classic Hit song most will know, by a 70's Kick-Ass band

Four Wheel Drive by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Not as well known but shows the essence of how great a band they were! Especially the guitar work.

Stayed Awake All Night by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Another good feeling song that kicks ass. Exceptional showcase of their talent

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Serpent in me watches the fair sheep while particles of her scent falls upon my forked tongue!

I'm not very hungry, having had one only a few days ago. I grimace, wishing I could close my eyes and shut out the world for a while. I cannot let my guard down. In this world, I'm lower than a rat, feared by most and loathed by all. The fire inside festers upward, glowing at first, then bursts into a fierce fireball longing to be released. I hold back the urge to fire it out my bellowing mouth. I cannot waste it you see, you never know when you might need it for a fast defense. I crawl out to my ledge to watch the great fireball in the sky drop and disappear out of sight. Twilight will fall upon me soon enough, leaving this vast lonely void to engulf me. I lower my head to the edge of the ledge and thoughts of my long lost mate flood my vision. How many thousands of years more would it be before we can be together once more. A chilling cold breeze fills the air, helping me to realize my lonely pitiful existence. The air stills again as darkness blankets over me. The silhouette of my head now only outlined by the soft glow of my eyes. What I would give for a Dragon-slayer to play with tonight to take my mind off of my true love.

I'm a young bold western red Dragon and she is a fair slender blue eastern Dragon whose breath is soft as clouds. My head is tickled by a moist warm mist as a howl of wind meanders through my cave. I yawn as wisps of smoke escape my lips. Soon I will make my nighttime search once again for the love of my life, but for now I wait for the slow fog to encompass me. I ponder where to search tonight as I stretch out my wings to ready for flight. I leap to my feet, as I step closer to the ledge to take off. Narrowing my gaze to the north, I decide to head toward the Harrowing forest. As I circle the castle from afar looking for any sign of Knight activity, I observe the unusual deadness amongst the vast and dense forest. I continue my northerly trek as the chilling air smacks my nostrils. My fiery red eyes pick up a blue glimmering reflection from the left deep within the dense forest. I turn and begin to descend down toward it...

As I soar through the trees and land in a clearing, I turn in circles looking for the blue reflection that caught my attention before. Suddenly, I'm hit with a faint scent of my love! I leap around and frantically trying to pinpoint the source. She was here! I see no sign of her now sadly, as Dragon scent can linger for a very long time. I hear a rustle of leaves behind me and I turn in great anticipation. It is not her but a knight yielding a huge two handed sword towards me. My first instinct is the fry him on the spot. Stupid human! But something tells me to wait. Perhaps he has seen my love! I cannot just waste him without that possibility. I look around for more possible human fools but only see this one. I ponder how to handle him, as I sidestep around him. I shoot of a couple of small fireballs along either side of him. He must know I mean business, nor can I let my guard down. I move closer to him and smell him to see if I can pick up any trace of her. Nothing hits my senses except his fowl smell. The human continues to stand guard, watching intently for the next attack. After all, he has been taught that we always attack, and he is sure that he must be ready with shield in hand. I think for a moment what fun I could have taunting him, but I have more pressing issues. In a lightning quick move, I feign to the the right and slash my tail to the left, taking him down hard, knocking his sword across the way. What an amateur, I think to myself.

Human I bellow at him," have you encountered a blue Dragon in these woods? Answer quickly or I shall carry ye off to my lair for a midnight snack!" I draw a deep breath as if to deliver on my threat. I rear up and fire over his head! He quickly tries to roll away.

He screams, "I know not what you speak of, I swear!"

I look to his eyes for any sign of deceit, but see none.

I bark back, "Be gone with you useless human before I change my mind!"

I decide perhaps I'll follow this fool for a while from afar to see where he leads...

It is not easy following something so small without being noticed. I'm not graceful and being so large your bound to make some noise. I wonder what the dumb human is doing out here, as he does not seem to be much of a Dragon Slayer. He never showed me any moves that would lead me to believe that he had any clue about fighting Dragons or any other creature for that matter.

I soon bored with him and as I was picking up no new scent of my love, I began to question whether I really smelled her in the first place. Perhaps out of despair and longing my nostrils deceived me. I let out a big sigh and once again felt the rush of depression overtaking my being.

I took to the sky once again. As I soared higher I pondered whether to return to my lair or to go on searching. I could see the silly human become smaller and smaller. I have yet to meet any human that was a match for me but this one took the cake. I decided to continue on my search, after all I had come this far. It was incredibly quiet and almost serene up here, as if the world below was just an illusion. I enjoyed being in the air, as it was the only time I could feel completely free.

After what seemed like hours had passed, I took notice of my surroundings and realized that nothing below looked familiar. How could that be, I knew this land like the back of my hand, yet at the moment I felt disoriented. I allowed myself to drift down so I could get a different perspective. I could see a faint image of light coming from the side of a mountain up ahead. I went toward it and landed just several feet from what looked like the opening of a cave. I approached slowly and with caution. Just as I was facing the entrance, I saw another human going toward the cave. She did not see me as I was behind a cluster of pine trees. I watched her for a moment. She was beautiful and fair for a human. She had long red hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. Her features were soft, but her body was lean and sturdy. She was armed with a shield and what looked like some kind of bone club. Her clothes were skin tight and accented her natural form. She wore very sparse armor that looked like it would not stop anything from penetrating her. She walked slowly and deliberately as if stalking someone or something. I found her fascinating to observe for some reason. I could not understand why, as I had never found any human to be interesting before. If nothing else, she was certainly more than that idiot I was following before. Perhaps there was something within her spirit that got my attention. I continued to watch her from behind. I followed her as far as I could fit in the cave but soon it became too small to proceed, so I returned to the entrance and waited to see if she would come out. After several hours she did finally return. It looked as if she had picked up some items and some different weapons, that led me to believe that she had done battle in there. She looked weary but an aura of accomplishment was surrounding her spirit. She stopped at the entrance to build a small fire and it looked like she would settle in for the night there. She kept looking around as if she sensed my presence nearby. She was sniffing the air which I found amusing as humans have such a mediocre sense of smell. She prepared a meal from what looked like a small mammal of some kind and then began to lay out a bed by the fire. I saw this as an opportunity to take a light nap myself as a full bright moon arose from the horizon. I took in a deep breath as I relaxed my eyes and kept in the moon-shadows of the trees. As she lay there by the fire, I was suddenly connected to her spirit as if her mind were in some dream sequence of events I could not understand. I must be dreaming or in some kind of trance but I could read her thoughts as if they were my own. Someone or something higher was telling me, compelling me to speak to her.

I could not believe the rush of emotions that overcame me but I was also not afraid of this new experience. There was something very calming about our mental connection, as if it were meant to be. I was interrupted suddenly by the sound of two Grulls approaching her. Grulls are predatory and brutal beings that inhabit the land. They are expert at banditry and usually kill those who they rob. I jumped to my feet, and before they were within ten feet of her I fired off two fireballs directly into them, frying them in their tracks. She immediately leaped to her feet her club in hand with speed I had never observed in a human before. She glanced quickly around, then at their charred bodies, then she spotted me.........To be continued.... is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Someone asked me today what was the difference between blogging and twitter?

The first thing that came to mind is that one big difference that you are limited to 140 characters on twitter. Other than that I don't really see much difference? Folks rant on twitter as much as they do on blogger. Some ignore the 140 char thing and just submit post after post to get their rants on. There is probably more spam on twitter simply because it is flooded with businesses trying to sell you stuff or make you join some site. What I could use for my blog is one of their programs that get you 400+ followers a day. What do you do with 400 followers anyways. They are all folks you would not talk to anyways so it seems to me to be fickle. More of an ego thing than anything genuine. Yeah Ego, one of the deadly enemies. Mine is surely a mess at times. Crap, sometimes I invent things peeps never said simply because my ego tells me to. I have to say that I sure have fun on twitter though. Its a great platform to get things off your chest or to just act crazy. Not a stretch for me at the least. The other voices in my head are arguing on that one! twitter kind of reminds me of the great chat room days of old on MSN for which I was a frequent mile club member. The Darling most favorite person I follow is @PeractoVita. She is like a soul mate for me or as close as I come to one. She plays Diablo 2 with me and shares her writing with me. I feel quite lucky to know her. I love all the peeps I talk to on twitter, even the ones who disagree with me and my ego demons. So all in all they have a winner going there. I had to laugh hard at someone saying that most peeps would only tweet once in their lifetime. What a joke! twitter has regulars like nowhere else. Where else can you find such a diverse group?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I went up to Sedona this last weekend. It was great fun and we were taking care of a friend's ten year old boy. What a kid! Now from what I understand from his mother, is that he has not done a lot in his life up to this point. After talking to him a while, you would never know that. He has an opinion just about everything and is quite the expert too. I took him on a hike up to the top of Cathedral Rock which by the way is one awesome hike! I'm an avid hiker, but to this kid, I know nothing! He told me how to move my feet, how to place them on the rocks, how to sit on my butt to slide down so I wouldn't fall to my death! Every time I would go a different path with success, he would look back and say "or you can do it that way too." Cracked me up, I have to say. He is scared to death of any flying insect, so when he encounters one he starts flailing his arms and screams and complains how he has never been stung by a bee. I tried to tell him that his reaction to bees and other flying bugs is a sure-fire way to get stung, but I don't think I could get through to him. It seems that ten year old boys have some inert knowledge that I'm completely unaware of. I laughed when I told his mother about our excursion and she said now you know why I'm completely exhausted all the time. Overall he is a good kid, and despite the fact that he can be annoying, he is intelligent, creative and possesses an incredible imagination. Who knows, without his expert advice, I may have never made off the rock although I suspect I would have.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As I look at the headlines lately it baffles me as to what extent the Republicans will go to block the Obama agenda on every issue. I always knew they were the party of liars, but they always manage to surprise me by taking it to another level. Of course the Democrats lie too but they also worry beyond their control about public opinion. I don't see that in the Republican party.
They seem to think that they don't need public support. Maybe they know something we don't. Did they forget how they lost the last election and numerous members of house and congress?
Apparently they either don't care or have decided to by-pass the American majority, at least in what the country wants as a whole. The irony is that they seem to have enough Dem's bucking the majority also for whatever reason (I suspect their own agenda or fruitless fears of not getting re-elected). What should have been a golden opportunity to accomplish all the things that were denied for over eight years has now become a futile plan filled with compromise and broken promises. Not exactly how the people who wanted real change envisioned things would turn out.

Monday, June 29, 2009


They started a Trending topic on twitter called Dontyouhateitwhen! Before I had a chance to list much on it, it was gone. I would like to list a few here and folks can add anything to it! dontyouhateitwhen: Someone passes you on the freeway, then pulls in front of you and slows down; When people park at the Mall taking up two spaces; When someone asks how you are and does not want to hear the answer; When you are finished with your meal at a restaurant, the waiter brings you the bill and you have to wait forever for him to bring back your change;You order take-out and when you get home you realize you have cheese enchiladas instead of a Beef Burro; Your significant other acts like your warden, telling you what you can and can't buy; When you do finally get to buy something and the very next day it goes on sale; When you find yourself carrying on conversation with an acquaintance for twenty minutes and realize that you've spoken about nothing; People smile to your face and then talk about how much they can't stand you behind your back.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the Heart of the Sea The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex is long, but it's worth the read

It is a great story that is true and if one ever has read Moby Dick, this is the real story about what happened on that ship.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog about Blog

When I started this thing a few months ago, I had thought that it would be a great thing to do. I had a lot to say and felt that people would be interested in what I had to say and some might agree and some would not.
I had no idea that this whole thing was really all about pretty pictures and somewhat of a popularity contest.
It certainly has been a learning and humbling experience. I live with a family of diverse backgrounds and political views for which I usually try to stay clear of in defense for my sanity. I have listened to ridiculious reasons for what Republicans think is important in our country. I have watched Democrats buckle under to public opinion for no apparant reason. I have given independants the benefit of the doubt, knowing that their opinion really doesn't count because they have little representatives in power. I have read many books giving ideas of coruption and fear tactics to sway someone their way, but I think we are all missing the real meaning of life here. In the final outcome, it really has little to do with spirituality which is really what is important in life. When we are lying on our death beds, I do not think the Almighty is going to care what Party affiliation you belonged to, let alone how much money you are worth. I cannot comprehend how Muslims equate war with religion and why generation after generation are brain washed to believe this.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Why are we being blamed for tainting the election in Iran.
We do not even have access to what is going on let alone Obama
has already taken a wait and see stance. Is it because Twitter has a by-pass
way of getting information across the Internet? If so, that is a pretty pathetic excuse for
thinking we have anyway of influiencing the outcome. I think it is horrible what is happening there,
but a lot of folks in the U.S. seem to think this could happen here next election? I don't buy it but
I suppose anything is possible. They would certainly do a better job of fixing the election, than the Iranians did. After all we have more experience at it. All and all I still think we are doing the right thing by not getting involved for now. I just do not understand at all why they claim they want democracy and fair elections and then proceed to pull this stunt!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Had a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta except for two things!

One, I sprained my right thumb getting off the boat to go snorkeling.

Two, Had two really bad experiences with timeshare presentations.

The people down there will not let you say no to a timeshare purchase! Everywhere we went,

we were bombarded by folks wanting us to go to one and once you go they won't let you leave.

We were held captive on on for almost five hours that was supposed to be a ninety minute deal!!

One salesman insulted us calling us stupid for not taking him up on the deal only in a deceptive way. So my advice if you go is to wear blinders from the time you step off the plane and everywhere you go. We even go hit up while eating at a restaurant by the hostess!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bird flu, Swine flu, any flu. Just wash your hands. Is that like some kind of code message from

W.H.O. that they wash their hands of the problem? Seems like such pacifying poppy-cock when you think about it! In other words, we do not have a clue how to curtain it but maybe if your lucky, washing your hands will save you...Oh well, we are all disposable as far as Governments are concerned anyways so it is every man for themselves. Where is the Terminator now when we need him?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Is it right for the government to force parents to make their child have Chemo-therapy?

That is a tough issue going on right now in Minnesota. Now apparently the boy has run away with his mother somewhere. How far will the government pursue this is left to be seen, but with all the media attention it surely will erupt into some kind of feeding frenzy from all sides. Having a background in both conventional and holistic approaches to medicine, I'm not sure what to think. I know that with this type of Hodgkin's that Chemo has about a ninety percent success rate for a cure. Whether or not it can come back is another issue. On the other end of the spectrum, there has been little research done into documentation for alternative therapies. Perhaps if they could measure a percentage of success also, then the family could make a educated decision about which way to proceed. Being forced by the courts to go with conventional Chemo, I'm not sure if that is the right decision either?

I would be interested in hearing other peoples comments and feelings about this issue!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Music is such a huge part of my life!
It is hard not to want to write about it all the time,
however I realize that it can bore most people who do not care or understand
what artists or bands have to say in their music. They just like the beat or rhythm to the song.
When one tries to learn how to read music or write songs, it quickly becomes apparent how hard it is. I own two ipods mostly full of albums because I still believe in the album concept instead of just buying songs or partial albums. Sure, some of the content songs on albums tend to be of lesser quality, but one can miss the whole intent of what the artists are sometimes trying to achieve. The idea of concept albums can be easily detected by some artists and very obscure in others. Someone interviewed Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull once and asked him if Aqualung was a great concept album, and he replied no that it was just a collection of songs. Thick as a Brick was surely the concept album of all time to end concept albums, he said. When you listen to Aqualung though, it really seems like a concept album although exploring Religion and other parts of life. I think lyrically it is probably one of their best productions with almost all of the songs being thought provoking. Thick as a brick is also a masterpiece in its own right, but seems to carry a bit too much of repetitious sounds and themes. The ability to weave back and forth from acoustic complicated guitar work into heavy metal sound has never been mastered any better than what Jethro Tull accomplished...

Monday, May 11, 2009


Why is it that some good bands never make it past the one hit wonder status?

Is is because of bad publicity, inability to get your songs heard on the radio? Or is it just

that these bands' other songs are too far removed from the songs that make them popular?

I would tend to think the latter. Take the band Golden Earring from the seventies era of great rock music. Besides Radar Love and The Twilight Zone, do many people know any of their album filler songs? If one did check them out, they would be pleasantly surprised. They have quite a diverse group of talent and it is nicely reflected in their songs. Listen to: "Candy's going bad; The Devil made me do it; or She flies on strange wings" and you will hear some great sounds. The songs that are played on classic rock stations these days is what I call "junk-Rock". It is not that it is bad Rock, it has just been played to death! Radio has ruined many a great band in this way by playing only what is popular and mandated by conglomerate corporate leaders who think they are playing what the public wants. I know that is partially responsible for the popularity of Satellite radio and ipods. I hardly ever listen to FM radio anymore myself. One rule of thumb for listening to some bands over and over for me is if you don't like what you hear in the beginning, if you listen again and maybe a few more times, sometimes the intent of the music opens up to you with a lasting quality unlike what you get when you like a song instantly. I grew up almost hating Bob Dylan as a performer, thinking that he had the worst voice I had ever heard. After forcing myself to listen to a few performances, I came to really appreciate his way of doing his songs and now his version of some songs represent the true intent or the soul of his music, which is fitting.

Some songs performed by other artists should never be attempted because of the uniqueness of how that artist makes the song come to life. Examples would be many but what comes to mind is The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" or Johnny Cash's "Burning ring of fire." Sure others can attempt to do them, but why waste every one's time. They will never sound as good as the original artists.

One exception to this might be songs performed by Linda Ronstadt. She could take any ones song and breath life into it. Joan Baez was another that could do better Dylan than he could in most cases, but there was something magical between those two....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Do you ever feel so helpless, that you feel like the monkey above?
That's how I feel when I watch the news on TV and the stock market channels.
It's as if they are speaking to somebody who doesn't really exist! I find it hard to believe
that there are people out there who are that tainted and greedy. I suppose they exist, but for
what purpose, other than to serve their own ideals why should we listen to them?
Maybe this is going to sound reactionary but I sometimes think we need to go back to getting our information from the newspapers or word of mouth. I know newspapers are on the outs and are not a reliable source of news either and word of mouth can always be twisted by the interpreter.
When a system becomes too corrupt and by system I mean our news media, our government, our so-called protectors who have lost all sense of why they were put in power in the first place.
What happened to "for the people, by the people, etc." When did that get replaced with for the politicians, by the "Media" for the good of themselves or the good of the almighty "Ratings"??
Think about it! Where will we end up on this train to greed with the switch keeper sleeping and another train on the wrong track heading for us? There was a lot of truth in that old "dead" song
about Casey Jones!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Thank God the first hundred days media frenzy is over!
I wonder is there any real news on television anymore?
I rely on the Internet to get the real stories and to see news
that never shows up on TV! Everything on the media channels is
so slanted now and the reporters are more concerned with being the
first to get the story out there that they could care less if it represents the
truth. The whole idea is a popularity contest to see who can jump on the story
of the day! It really has become a circus act. The market channels are just as bad
or worse. It seems that no matter what Obama tries to do to rein in Wall street, these
analysts are never happy. The only person giving the president a fair shake on Wall street
is Jim Cramer and I respect his opinion and mostly only listen to what his take is on the
happenings on Wall street. Even the Internet is full of falsehoods, as I've found on The Washington Post and others. They also get caught up in the feeding frenzy! I suppose if one
wants the truth you have to go out and find it. Wasn't that a popular slogan on X-files, "The
truth is out there?" Who pays these media people to spread such vicious lies anyway?
Is it the political parties, the powerful rich, the Right minority? If that is true, then they are the
minority and should be ousted from power! Then again, someone once said: "The majority is always wrong." I don't know, I'm going to eat some buttermilk waffles and real maple syrup and ponder the truth!
Peace out!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Would have loved to hang-glide off right here, but who knows where I would end up completely lost in nature.
A place where time seems to stop or at least pause for appreciation of the wonders that God has provided to us.

The folks that live here truly are blessed and quite friendly. It is as if they inherently know how lucky they are to co-exist in such a magnificent place on earth.

The beach here looks calm, but as you look out you can see that it can be pretty rough. I found out after swimming out a ways that it is not for the inexperienced or casual swimmer.

I'm sure you have seen these falls before, as they are quite popular in movies and other media.

It is quite a lovely drive to get to them and when you get to the top they have a memorial about two young women who tried to cross the top and fell to their deaths. Sad that such a thing could happen as you look at them it appears that one could cross easily but looks are always deceiving.

The land is so lush and green compared to where I live, one can just fall into a deep meditation with little effort.

Oh how I wish I was in Kauai again. It is such a beautiful and inspiring place.

Today was so peaceful and serene that I felt like water currents eddying over the smooth rock.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

EARTH DAY (Brought to you by The Human Race)

Earth day approaches! I wonder what that means to anyone anymore as we continue to ravage our environment and suck all life away from her. Either we ignore what is happening or we try to rationalize it away, thinking that surely it must be someone Else's problem. I'm feeling just as hopeless wondering all the time if it is too late to save us and the planet.
It is so hard to get people together on any subject these days, how can we try to agree as a world population to do anything significant. But alas, if we do not even consider trying, what will be left behind for future generations? Sure the earth will probably survive in one form or another long after we are gone, but how will our legacy as humans be left? Will we be the remembered as the species that almost made it or will all trace of our existence be gone forever?

I choose to do what I can in small seemingly insignificant ways, hoping that others too feel the same and by chance if enough of us do all we can, maybe it will not be too late or in vain.

Happy Earth Day for all that it encompasses

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Spring is coming and for those who live in a desert, this is the most appreciated time of the year.
I took an urban hike with my Amber. She is such an inspiration, a lover of life that teaches me constantly how to love unconditionally. It is a gorgeous day and the four mile trek up the mountain does not seem hard but challenging. She literally pulls me up the mountain! Sometimes I think she should have been a sled dog although being the wrong breed and her coat too scamp for harsh weather. The rugged terrain and lava rock serves to harvest such beauty in life to sustain hardy plant life and small animals. I was kicking myself as I reached the summit I did not have my camera ready to witness the beauty of a hawk taking off from the ledge. I caught a couple of shots of him too far already in the air. It was just a majestic day, even with all of the urban housing below, somehow there is peace and serenity up here. I pause to meditate and take in all the wonders life presents all of us if we can just make time to witness it.