Saturday, March 28, 2009

Politics on the Scale

Is there really a right or left political view of the world anymore. I think it really doesn't exist.
If you are a progressive, does that make one a leftist or extremist? The things that this country was founded on would make one an extremist by today's standards. If you leaned too far to the right, one used to be called or labeled a Reactionary. Now they just call one a right winger or a
religious fanatic. Considering that nobody really stands left or right on all issues, is it not time to
expand where we stand on common ground and try to reach solutions from there. Sure many have tried and Obama surely is trying harder than any I've seen in a long time, but I fear it may be too late for those who have thought one way for so long, to change anything significant. Their brain will not let them break away from the old comfortable so-called mainstream. Are we doomed to becoming a nation of third world proportions because we allow fear to run our lives?
Progressive thinking is not possible because it fits the extreme frame of mind?
Religious right wingers are just too crazy to have any validity? Has winning become so important that we lose all sense of right and wrong? I really wonder and hope not, but I do not see anything to really believe in anymore. What is the driving force needed to bring this great nation together?
Does anyone have a real solution? I would love to hear it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Waffler in Town

What do we make of president Obama's insistence on trying to please every side by being too by-partisan? They have the majority in both houses and yet they cannot even get their own party together on anything. For instance, one week he says we should legalize marijuana or at least DE-criminalize it, then Mexico gets all upset because they are trying to fight the cartels, so he shifts his view now saying he doesn't think it is in our best interests to help the economy?
Christ! what's up with that??? When is he going to take on some leadership capabilities and to hell with what the opposition thinks. As Ricky Nelson once wrote "If you can't please them all, then you have to please yourself" Now I know a president can't do anything to please himself, but come on, show that your not a wimp and take control of the office you won! We certainly did not see any fear or regret coming out the Bush administration as they were running amok screwing everything up for generations beyond comprehension. The Republicans will always do what they do with such success and that is to block any progress while never coming up with any substantial alternative solution themselves, so why allow them to suck us in? Obama needs to remember why he was elected and to whom he owes his convictions to, otherwise we will all be right back in the mess we've had to endure for the last eight years.
I would recommend reading George Lakoff''s "Don't think of an elephant. Why you can't understand 21st. politics with an 18Th. century brain" He does a great job of explaining why 
the Republicans are so successful at convincing the lower classes to vote against their own self-interests in support of the rich upper two percent leaders better than any. I've often wondered how that could happen and after reading his book, now I understand. They really do this without even being aware of it because it is en grained in their unconscious memory.
There is much at stake for getting this economy turned around and we really need to stop listening to the opposition, the media, those guys on wall street who contributed greatly to the mess we are in now, and get back on track with some progressive thinking and policies.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Email about huge Grizzly killed in Alaska

My brother sent me this email about a giant Grizzly attacking and eating a hiker who supposedly
emptied four rounds of a 38 cal. into it before the bear killed him.
The story goes on to say that a forest ranger kills the bear with a 7mm while it was charging him.
The bear was 12.5 ft tall and 1600 pounds and could supposedly look over a one story building
if standing up.
Anyway, I researched it a little and found this interesting follow-up to the story. It can be found at:
Parts of the story are true, but as you read it, you can see that it has become quite embellished over time. If the mauled body of the hiker is fake, it is pretty authentic looking to me. I don't know how someone could fake that, or why one would want to for that matter. It is pretty graphic, just to warn you, but of course mankind has always had a love affair with blood and guts!