Thursday, March 26, 2009

Email about huge Grizzly killed in Alaska

My brother sent me this email about a giant Grizzly attacking and eating a hiker who supposedly
emptied four rounds of a 38 cal. into it before the bear killed him.
The story goes on to say that a forest ranger kills the bear with a 7mm while it was charging him.
The bear was 12.5 ft tall and 1600 pounds and could supposedly look over a one story building
if standing up.
Anyway, I researched it a little and found this interesting follow-up to the story. It can be found at:
Parts of the story are true, but as you read it, you can see that it has become quite embellished over time. If the mauled body of the hiker is fake, it is pretty authentic looking to me. I don't know how someone could fake that, or why one would want to for that matter. It is pretty graphic, just to warn you, but of course mankind has always had a love affair with blood and guts!

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