Sunday, April 26, 2009

EARTH DAY (Brought to you by The Human Race)

Earth day approaches! I wonder what that means to anyone anymore as we continue to ravage our environment and suck all life away from her. Either we ignore what is happening or we try to rationalize it away, thinking that surely it must be someone Else's problem. I'm feeling just as hopeless wondering all the time if it is too late to save us and the planet.
It is so hard to get people together on any subject these days, how can we try to agree as a world population to do anything significant. But alas, if we do not even consider trying, what will be left behind for future generations? Sure the earth will probably survive in one form or another long after we are gone, but how will our legacy as humans be left? Will we be the remembered as the species that almost made it or will all trace of our existence be gone forever?

I choose to do what I can in small seemingly insignificant ways, hoping that others too feel the same and by chance if enough of us do all we can, maybe it will not be too late or in vain.

Happy Earth Day for all that it encompasses

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Spring is coming and for those who live in a desert, this is the most appreciated time of the year.
I took an urban hike with my Amber. She is such an inspiration, a lover of life that teaches me constantly how to love unconditionally. It is a gorgeous day and the four mile trek up the mountain does not seem hard but challenging. She literally pulls me up the mountain! Sometimes I think she should have been a sled dog although being the wrong breed and her coat too scamp for harsh weather. The rugged terrain and lava rock serves to harvest such beauty in life to sustain hardy plant life and small animals. I was kicking myself as I reached the summit I did not have my camera ready to witness the beauty of a hawk taking off from the ledge. I caught a couple of shots of him too far already in the air. It was just a majestic day, even with all of the urban housing below, somehow there is peace and serenity up here. I pause to meditate and take in all the wonders life presents all of us if we can just make time to witness it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I think the idea of apologies are getting out of hand! The Republicans are now asking for an apology from the agency that put out a report that characterizes the Veterans as being right wing extremists!?? Are we for real? What happened to freedom of speech? Everytime someone says anything these days, someone calls for an immediate apology! Movie stars have to constantly apoligize for every statement they make. Politicians cannot open their mouths without someone or some group demanding an apology.Top officials have to walk on egg shells
with every move they make or everything they say. Makes one wonder how anything ever gets
accomplished. I think these protest groups love to create havoc on every subject just so that nothing can ever get done. If you tie your enemy's hands with every move they try to make,
then they cannot suceed and your side wins. After all, isn't it really about winning. This article from cox is a good example:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello everyone!
Just want to wish all a very safe and happy Easter this weekend.
A time to reflect on our devotions to whatever religion one believe's in.
As I try not to get wrapped up in the comercialization of it all and to focus on
why we really celebrate Easter. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ! I know there are
many traditions of celebrations going back to Jewish lore and pre-Christian, even Pagan
practices. I have a hard time understanding why the date moves around so much from year to
year. The idea of the Easter bunny was brought to America from the Germans. As children,
we used to get caught up in the whole egg hunts, chocolate rabbits aspects of Easter and it seems
more emphasis is placed on the celebration rather than the history behind it. I admit as a child, having to go to church on Easter seemed to be more a burden than anything. Now realizing at my age that I really do not have a clear understanding of what it is supposed to all be about, leaves me with sadness. I still believe though and nothing has ever changed my faith, so I can take comfort in that at least.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Show Me The Money

How did we let our so-called leaders, our Presidents do away with every one's social security to pay for War without any regard for any one's future. It started with Ronald Reagan in the seventies and every President since has raided the Social Security Surplus. George W finished it off in 2005 to pay for the Iraq war. Now that the baby boomer's are all near retirement and have paid all their lives into it, there is nothing left to dip into. Nobody seems to be outraged by this fact. The young people all think it is no big deal like they don't think they will ever get old or need help.
The attitude seem to be that oh well it's too bad, just outrages me and should most. Do we really believe that it is somehow in our best interests to allow our government to do as they please with our money!! People wake up!! That was our money as a whole that they just blew all to hell for unnecessary war and programs to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Do people know that the biggest campaign contributor to the Bush administration was the MBNA? You know, the people who control all the credit cards in this country and caused with his help, all the economic problems we face now!! It boils down to the fact that we, the average citizen have no power or control so we have all just become complacent and let our rulers  walk all over us.  Our fear of terror has led to our demise in this and so many ways we are just starting to realize. In the old days young people used to protest and assemble and eventually it made a difference. Maybe we need to get involved and start again. Small steps lead to big steps and before you know it it can take on a life of its own. Sure it will not be easy, but is our future and our children's future not worth the effort?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Music Today

I love good music of most styles. What has become of great, even good music these days?
All the new Rap sounds like the same beat, same themes, same voice inflections. Alternative bands are all trying to mimic Nickelback. There just isn't any good new Rock music period.
The bands all have no talent and no depth. I admit there is some good new Jazz coming out but
otherwise I'm left to having to listen to the classic rock stuff and even expand back to old style
Blues to find anything with substance! Performers like BB King and John Lee Hooker. Don't get me wrong, these guys were great and a lot of what was thought to be original Rock in the seventies was actually taken from these performers. It is a sad realization that we have lost so
much talent in the arts.