Sunday, April 26, 2009

EARTH DAY (Brought to you by The Human Race)

Earth day approaches! I wonder what that means to anyone anymore as we continue to ravage our environment and suck all life away from her. Either we ignore what is happening or we try to rationalize it away, thinking that surely it must be someone Else's problem. I'm feeling just as hopeless wondering all the time if it is too late to save us and the planet.
It is so hard to get people together on any subject these days, how can we try to agree as a world population to do anything significant. But alas, if we do not even consider trying, what will be left behind for future generations? Sure the earth will probably survive in one form or another long after we are gone, but how will our legacy as humans be left? Will we be the remembered as the species that almost made it or will all trace of our existence be gone forever?

I choose to do what I can in small seemingly insignificant ways, hoping that others too feel the same and by chance if enough of us do all we can, maybe it will not be too late or in vain.

Happy Earth Day for all that it encompasses

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