Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello everyone!
Just want to wish all a very safe and happy Easter this weekend.
A time to reflect on our devotions to whatever religion one believe's in.
As I try not to get wrapped up in the comercialization of it all and to focus on
why we really celebrate Easter. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ! I know there are
many traditions of celebrations going back to Jewish lore and pre-Christian, even Pagan
practices. I have a hard time understanding why the date moves around so much from year to
year. The idea of the Easter bunny was brought to America from the Germans. As children,
we used to get caught up in the whole egg hunts, chocolate rabbits aspects of Easter and it seems
more emphasis is placed on the celebration rather than the history behind it. I admit as a child, having to go to church on Easter seemed to be more a burden than anything. Now realizing at my age that I really do not have a clear understanding of what it is supposed to all be about, leaves me with sadness. I still believe though and nothing has ever changed my faith, so I can take comfort in that at least.

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