Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I think the idea of apologies are getting out of hand! The Republicans are now asking for an apology from the agency that put out a report that characterizes the Veterans as being right wing extremists!?? Are we for real? What happened to freedom of speech? Everytime someone says anything these days, someone calls for an immediate apology! Movie stars have to constantly apoligize for every statement they make. Politicians cannot open their mouths without someone or some group demanding an apology.Top officials have to walk on egg shells
with every move they make or everything they say. Makes one wonder how anything ever gets
accomplished. I think these protest groups love to create havoc on every subject just so that nothing can ever get done. If you tie your enemy's hands with every move they try to make,
then they cannot suceed and your side wins. After all, isn't it really about winning. This article from cox is a good example:

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