Sunday, April 19, 2009


Spring is coming and for those who live in a desert, this is the most appreciated time of the year.
I took an urban hike with my Amber. She is such an inspiration, a lover of life that teaches me constantly how to love unconditionally. It is a gorgeous day and the four mile trek up the mountain does not seem hard but challenging. She literally pulls me up the mountain! Sometimes I think she should have been a sled dog although being the wrong breed and her coat too scamp for harsh weather. The rugged terrain and lava rock serves to harvest such beauty in life to sustain hardy plant life and small animals. I was kicking myself as I reached the summit I did not have my camera ready to witness the beauty of a hawk taking off from the ledge. I caught a couple of shots of him too far already in the air. It was just a majestic day, even with all of the urban housing below, somehow there is peace and serenity up here. I pause to meditate and take in all the wonders life presents all of us if we can just make time to witness it.

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