Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bird flu, Swine flu, any flu. Just wash your hands. Is that like some kind of code message from

W.H.O. that they wash their hands of the problem? Seems like such pacifying poppy-cock when you think about it! In other words, we do not have a clue how to curtain it but maybe if your lucky, washing your hands will save you...Oh well, we are all disposable as far as Governments are concerned anyways so it is every man for themselves. Where is the Terminator now when we need him?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Is it right for the government to force parents to make their child have Chemo-therapy?

That is a tough issue going on right now in Minnesota. Now apparently the boy has run away with his mother somewhere. How far will the government pursue this is left to be seen, but with all the media attention it surely will erupt into some kind of feeding frenzy from all sides. Having a background in both conventional and holistic approaches to medicine, I'm not sure what to think. I know that with this type of Hodgkin's that Chemo has about a ninety percent success rate for a cure. Whether or not it can come back is another issue. On the other end of the spectrum, there has been little research done into documentation for alternative therapies. Perhaps if they could measure a percentage of success also, then the family could make a educated decision about which way to proceed. Being forced by the courts to go with conventional Chemo, I'm not sure if that is the right decision either?

I would be interested in hearing other peoples comments and feelings about this issue!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Music is such a huge part of my life!
It is hard not to want to write about it all the time,
however I realize that it can bore most people who do not care or understand
what artists or bands have to say in their music. They just like the beat or rhythm to the song.
When one tries to learn how to read music or write songs, it quickly becomes apparent how hard it is. I own two ipods mostly full of albums because I still believe in the album concept instead of just buying songs or partial albums. Sure, some of the content songs on albums tend to be of lesser quality, but one can miss the whole intent of what the artists are sometimes trying to achieve. The idea of concept albums can be easily detected by some artists and very obscure in others. Someone interviewed Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull once and asked him if Aqualung was a great concept album, and he replied no that it was just a collection of songs. Thick as a Brick was surely the concept album of all time to end concept albums, he said. When you listen to Aqualung though, it really seems like a concept album although exploring Religion and other parts of life. I think lyrically it is probably one of their best productions with almost all of the songs being thought provoking. Thick as a brick is also a masterpiece in its own right, but seems to carry a bit too much of repetitious sounds and themes. The ability to weave back and forth from acoustic complicated guitar work into heavy metal sound has never been mastered any better than what Jethro Tull accomplished...

Monday, May 11, 2009


Why is it that some good bands never make it past the one hit wonder status?

Is is because of bad publicity, inability to get your songs heard on the radio? Or is it just

that these bands' other songs are too far removed from the songs that make them popular?

I would tend to think the latter. Take the band Golden Earring from the seventies era of great rock music. Besides Radar Love and The Twilight Zone, do many people know any of their album filler songs? If one did check them out, they would be pleasantly surprised. They have quite a diverse group of talent and it is nicely reflected in their songs. Listen to: "Candy's going bad; The Devil made me do it; or She flies on strange wings" and you will hear some great sounds. The songs that are played on classic rock stations these days is what I call "junk-Rock". It is not that it is bad Rock, it has just been played to death! Radio has ruined many a great band in this way by playing only what is popular and mandated by conglomerate corporate leaders who think they are playing what the public wants. I know that is partially responsible for the popularity of Satellite radio and ipods. I hardly ever listen to FM radio anymore myself. One rule of thumb for listening to some bands over and over for me is if you don't like what you hear in the beginning, if you listen again and maybe a few more times, sometimes the intent of the music opens up to you with a lasting quality unlike what you get when you like a song instantly. I grew up almost hating Bob Dylan as a performer, thinking that he had the worst voice I had ever heard. After forcing myself to listen to a few performances, I came to really appreciate his way of doing his songs and now his version of some songs represent the true intent or the soul of his music, which is fitting.

Some songs performed by other artists should never be attempted because of the uniqueness of how that artist makes the song come to life. Examples would be many but what comes to mind is The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" or Johnny Cash's "Burning ring of fire." Sure others can attempt to do them, but why waste every one's time. They will never sound as good as the original artists.

One exception to this might be songs performed by Linda Ronstadt. She could take any ones song and breath life into it. Joan Baez was another that could do better Dylan than he could in most cases, but there was something magical between those two....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Do you ever feel so helpless, that you feel like the monkey above?
That's how I feel when I watch the news on TV and the stock market channels.
It's as if they are speaking to somebody who doesn't really exist! I find it hard to believe
that there are people out there who are that tainted and greedy. I suppose they exist, but for
what purpose, other than to serve their own ideals why should we listen to them?
Maybe this is going to sound reactionary but I sometimes think we need to go back to getting our information from the newspapers or word of mouth. I know newspapers are on the outs and are not a reliable source of news either and word of mouth can always be twisted by the interpreter.
When a system becomes too corrupt and by system I mean our news media, our government, our so-called protectors who have lost all sense of why they were put in power in the first place.
What happened to "for the people, by the people, etc." When did that get replaced with for the politicians, by the "Media" for the good of themselves or the good of the almighty "Ratings"??
Think about it! Where will we end up on this train to greed with the switch keeper sleeping and another train on the wrong track heading for us? There was a lot of truth in that old "dead" song
about Casey Jones!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Thank God the first hundred days media frenzy is over!
I wonder is there any real news on television anymore?
I rely on the Internet to get the real stories and to see news
that never shows up on TV! Everything on the media channels is
so slanted now and the reporters are more concerned with being the
first to get the story out there that they could care less if it represents the
truth. The whole idea is a popularity contest to see who can jump on the story
of the day! It really has become a circus act. The market channels are just as bad
or worse. It seems that no matter what Obama tries to do to rein in Wall street, these
analysts are never happy. The only person giving the president a fair shake on Wall street
is Jim Cramer and I respect his opinion and mostly only listen to what his take is on the
happenings on Wall street. Even the Internet is full of falsehoods, as I've found on The Washington Post and others. They also get caught up in the feeding frenzy! I suppose if one
wants the truth you have to go out and find it. Wasn't that a popular slogan on X-files, "The
truth is out there?" Who pays these media people to spread such vicious lies anyway?
Is it the political parties, the powerful rich, the Right minority? If that is true, then they are the
minority and should be ousted from power! Then again, someone once said: "The majority is always wrong." I don't know, I'm going to eat some buttermilk waffles and real maple syrup and ponder the truth!
Peace out!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Would have loved to hang-glide off right here, but who knows where I would end up completely lost in nature.
A place where time seems to stop or at least pause for appreciation of the wonders that God has provided to us.

The folks that live here truly are blessed and quite friendly. It is as if they inherently know how lucky they are to co-exist in such a magnificent place on earth.

The beach here looks calm, but as you look out you can see that it can be pretty rough. I found out after swimming out a ways that it is not for the inexperienced or casual swimmer.

I'm sure you have seen these falls before, as they are quite popular in movies and other media.

It is quite a lovely drive to get to them and when you get to the top they have a memorial about two young women who tried to cross the top and fell to their deaths. Sad that such a thing could happen as you look at them it appears that one could cross easily but looks are always deceiving.

The land is so lush and green compared to where I live, one can just fall into a deep meditation with little effort.

Oh how I wish I was in Kauai again. It is such a beautiful and inspiring place.

Today was so peaceful and serene that I felt like water currents eddying over the smooth rock.