Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Do you ever feel so helpless, that you feel like the monkey above?
That's how I feel when I watch the news on TV and the stock market channels.
It's as if they are speaking to somebody who doesn't really exist! I find it hard to believe
that there are people out there who are that tainted and greedy. I suppose they exist, but for
what purpose, other than to serve their own ideals why should we listen to them?
Maybe this is going to sound reactionary but I sometimes think we need to go back to getting our information from the newspapers or word of mouth. I know newspapers are on the outs and are not a reliable source of news either and word of mouth can always be twisted by the interpreter.
When a system becomes too corrupt and by system I mean our news media, our government, our so-called protectors who have lost all sense of why they were put in power in the first place.
What happened to "for the people, by the people, etc." When did that get replaced with for the politicians, by the "Media" for the good of themselves or the good of the almighty "Ratings"??
Think about it! Where will we end up on this train to greed with the switch keeper sleeping and another train on the wrong track heading for us? There was a lot of truth in that old "dead" song
about Casey Jones!

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