Saturday, May 2, 2009


Thank God the first hundred days media frenzy is over!
I wonder is there any real news on television anymore?
I rely on the Internet to get the real stories and to see news
that never shows up on TV! Everything on the media channels is
so slanted now and the reporters are more concerned with being the
first to get the story out there that they could care less if it represents the
truth. The whole idea is a popularity contest to see who can jump on the story
of the day! It really has become a circus act. The market channels are just as bad
or worse. It seems that no matter what Obama tries to do to rein in Wall street, these
analysts are never happy. The only person giving the president a fair shake on Wall street
is Jim Cramer and I respect his opinion and mostly only listen to what his take is on the
happenings on Wall street. Even the Internet is full of falsehoods, as I've found on The Washington Post and others. They also get caught up in the feeding frenzy! I suppose if one
wants the truth you have to go out and find it. Wasn't that a popular slogan on X-files, "The
truth is out there?" Who pays these media people to spread such vicious lies anyway?
Is it the political parties, the powerful rich, the Right minority? If that is true, then they are the
minority and should be ousted from power! Then again, someone once said: "The majority is always wrong." I don't know, I'm going to eat some buttermilk waffles and real maple syrup and ponder the truth!
Peace out!

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