Friday, May 1, 2009


Would have loved to hang-glide off right here, but who knows where I would end up completely lost in nature.
A place where time seems to stop or at least pause for appreciation of the wonders that God has provided to us.

The folks that live here truly are blessed and quite friendly. It is as if they inherently know how lucky they are to co-exist in such a magnificent place on earth.

The beach here looks calm, but as you look out you can see that it can be pretty rough. I found out after swimming out a ways that it is not for the inexperienced or casual swimmer.

I'm sure you have seen these falls before, as they are quite popular in movies and other media.

It is quite a lovely drive to get to them and when you get to the top they have a memorial about two young women who tried to cross the top and fell to their deaths. Sad that such a thing could happen as you look at them it appears that one could cross easily but looks are always deceiving.

The land is so lush and green compared to where I live, one can just fall into a deep meditation with little effort.

Oh how I wish I was in Kauai again. It is such a beautiful and inspiring place.

Today was so peaceful and serene that I felt like water currents eddying over the smooth rock.

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