Thursday, May 14, 2009


Music is such a huge part of my life!
It is hard not to want to write about it all the time,
however I realize that it can bore most people who do not care or understand
what artists or bands have to say in their music. They just like the beat or rhythm to the song.
When one tries to learn how to read music or write songs, it quickly becomes apparent how hard it is. I own two ipods mostly full of albums because I still believe in the album concept instead of just buying songs or partial albums. Sure, some of the content songs on albums tend to be of lesser quality, but one can miss the whole intent of what the artists are sometimes trying to achieve. The idea of concept albums can be easily detected by some artists and very obscure in others. Someone interviewed Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull once and asked him if Aqualung was a great concept album, and he replied no that it was just a collection of songs. Thick as a Brick was surely the concept album of all time to end concept albums, he said. When you listen to Aqualung though, it really seems like a concept album although exploring Religion and other parts of life. I think lyrically it is probably one of their best productions with almost all of the songs being thought provoking. Thick as a brick is also a masterpiece in its own right, but seems to carry a bit too much of repetitious sounds and themes. The ability to weave back and forth from acoustic complicated guitar work into heavy metal sound has never been mastered any better than what Jethro Tull accomplished...

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