Monday, June 29, 2009


They started a Trending topic on twitter called Dontyouhateitwhen! Before I had a chance to list much on it, it was gone. I would like to list a few here and folks can add anything to it! dontyouhateitwhen: Someone passes you on the freeway, then pulls in front of you and slows down; When people park at the Mall taking up two spaces; When someone asks how you are and does not want to hear the answer; When you are finished with your meal at a restaurant, the waiter brings you the bill and you have to wait forever for him to bring back your change;You order take-out and when you get home you realize you have cheese enchiladas instead of a Beef Burro; Your significant other acts like your warden, telling you what you can and can't buy; When you do finally get to buy something and the very next day it goes on sale; When you find yourself carrying on conversation with an acquaintance for twenty minutes and realize that you've spoken about nothing; People smile to your face and then talk about how much they can't stand you behind your back.

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