Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I went up to Sedona this last weekend. It was great fun and we were taking care of a friend's ten year old boy. What a kid! Now from what I understand from his mother, is that he has not done a lot in his life up to this point. After talking to him a while, you would never know that. He has an opinion just about everything and is quite the expert too. I took him on a hike up to the top of Cathedral Rock which by the way is one awesome hike! I'm an avid hiker, but to this kid, I know nothing! He told me how to move my feet, how to place them on the rocks, how to sit on my butt to slide down so I wouldn't fall to my death! Every time I would go a different path with success, he would look back and say "or you can do it that way too." Cracked me up, I have to say. He is scared to death of any flying insect, so when he encounters one he starts flailing his arms and screams and complains how he has never been stung by a bee. I tried to tell him that his reaction to bees and other flying bugs is a sure-fire way to get stung, but I don't think I could get through to him. It seems that ten year old boys have some inert knowledge that I'm completely unaware of. I laughed when I told his mother about our excursion and she said now you know why I'm completely exhausted all the time. Overall he is a good kid, and despite the fact that he can be annoying, he is intelligent, creative and possesses an incredible imagination. Who knows, without his expert advice, I may have never made off the rock although I suspect I would have.

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