Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As I look at the headlines lately it baffles me as to what extent the Republicans will go to block the Obama agenda on every issue. I always knew they were the party of liars, but they always manage to surprise me by taking it to another level. Of course the Democrats lie too but they also worry beyond their control about public opinion. I don't see that in the Republican party.
They seem to think that they don't need public support. Maybe they know something we don't. Did they forget how they lost the last election and numerous members of house and congress?
Apparently they either don't care or have decided to by-pass the American majority, at least in what the country wants as a whole. The irony is that they seem to have enough Dem's bucking the majority also for whatever reason (I suspect their own agenda or fruitless fears of not getting re-elected). What should have been a golden opportunity to accomplish all the things that were denied for over eight years has now become a futile plan filled with compromise and broken promises. Not exactly how the people who wanted real change envisioned things would turn out.

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