Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today is a long-ass day that most people talk about. For me, they are all long days. I usually work ten hour days at the least. I have a lot of boring moments before I have to jump back into the madness of running around taking care of these people. So I try to jump on my computer when I can. The problem is that they have websense at work, which limits you to just being able to check your emails and go to news sites, that kind of thing. You cannot twitter, facebook, myspace or anything interesting or fun. You can go to ebay, which I find a little weird. I found out today that I can blip from work, that is. I've been checking that out lately. It is one of these who wants to be a DJ kind of site. Well with my love of music and loving #musicmondays on twitter, now I can play whatever music I like or can find (they have a limited selection) and it tweets it to my twitter. I'm not sure how many people actually click on my songs but apparantly the people on do network back and forth, so I'm making new friends which is always fun.
They do have some cool unusual finds on there and are adding more all the time. Oh and you can post comments about the music or dedicate songs before you blip. It is very much linked to twitter. I have not been able to get the auto blip feature to work on my facebook. It says it's enable but does not post there? Oh well! Why we need this work censorship on our internet is beyond me but I'm sure people take advantage if it's not there. You know the ones I'm talking about, like the big shot CEO going on porno sites and doing private sessions! Oh wait they probably can do that anyways, they don't have websence. When did the internet become such an evil conglomerate that big brother government and law agencies have to watch us all in the name of protection and homeland security. One more terrorist is just a clic away after all!
Land of the free? as long as we can define your freedom for you, sure you can be free.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


She stands watching me in a defensive stance. Looks at the Grulls, then back to me. She knows she is ill-equipped to defend herself against me, yet she appears to be unafraid. She looks to me with cautious curiosity for a moment, then the realization sinks in. "you are the Dragon I saw in my dream, are you not?" My mouth drops open. How could this be, how could she no this cannot be real, he says to himself. I watch her closely as I circle closer. "How could you possibly have seen me in your slumber" I say aloud to her. She steps back a little, perhaps taken off guard by my bellowing deep voice. "have we seen each other before?" she asks. "I um do not think we have," I say. Looking around at the charred bodies, she asks "why did you stop those Grulls from attacking me?" I hesitate before answering her. “Because of my dream or vision, I had to find out who you are” I said. She looks back at me in disbelief. “I was communicating with you and flying on your back.I was not afraid or uncomfortable at all, as if we were as one” she continued. “Who are you?” I asked.
“My name is Regana. I ‘am looking for my father’s captors. Our village was raided by a band of cutthroats in Surdana. My father was taken by the leader of these creatures. My mother was slain by a Trog. Our General Dehrimon was also killed leaving us without a ruler of our limited army. Why my father was sparred I do not know. I was out on a hunt for food and when I returned, I learned what had happened from Lenox, the town’s commissioner, who hide in the tower while watching the assault.”

I listened to her while watching the horizon for any signs of intrusion.
“And what do you plan to do if you find this band of thieves?” I asked.
“Considering that you are all alone, just how do you propose to take them all on? One on one? Are you an experienced warrior or marksmen?” I inquired.

“I am a proven warrior and marksmen and I have been given the gift of using the Drakan! A kind of time warp gateway device that allows the user to have the ability to shift through both time and different lands.” she continued. “I also am willing to give my life for my cause”

I circle her in deep thought, as I think about whether she can be of some use to my search. After a moment I ask
“You said that in your dream, you were riding on me, did you not?”
“Yes!” she replied.
“I have my own mission, which doesn’t concern you but I ‘am looking for my one true love who has been missing for sometime. Have you seen any sign of a Blue Dragon during your quest?” I asked.
“No I have not, I’m sorry to say” as she looks at me with despair.
“I was thinking that there may be some advantage to my helping you with your quest and you in return helping me find my love” I say.
“In addition, I continue, you may keep whatever gold or wealth you come across as I have no use for such things.”
“That is an interesting proposal, I must say she replies. One that I’m sure has never been tried before. How do I know that if you find your lady that you would keep your word and not make a meal of me or my father if we find him?” she asks cringing at the mouth, not knowing how he may take that.
I pause before answering. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Friday, August 21, 2009


Another day's useless energy spent! Or so the song goes by the Moody Blues. I sometimes think my day is useless or uneventful at the least, but there is always something awesome that will happen and make it all worthwhile. Tonight I was talking to a friend on yahoo and I suddenly got this feeling of Deja Vu. I got a flash that the conversation had taken place a while ago and I either dreamed it or lived it before. This happens to me quite a bit, enough to make me wonder how the connection works. Sometimes the clarity is absolute and other times it can be very vague. Why this happens I really do not understand, but it feels awesome when it comes. The idea of viewing portions of your life before it happens is fascinating to me. When I told her about it, she said I should meditate on it. I used to do light meditations somewhat based on the Chakra color points on the body. I would start with white light and have it circle me in a counter-clockwise motion above me. I would then have it circle within my body and send energy to different parts of my body. When I became celestial, I would either follow the light where it lead, or I would try to direct it to heal from within or protect from the outside. White light is very protective and the other colors are much harder to manifest. I became quite at one with violet. It is supposed to be representative of Saint Germain, the arch angel. I really had a strong connection with this, and still do. I took classes when I lived in Seattle, but have forgotten so much of it until now. I think there is so much more to the human spirit that we have just begun to understand and the mind is so vastly unused, who know how much potential there is left to discover.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Start with 'Roll On Down The Highway'

If you know this band then go back and re-visit, and if not, check them out!

Roll On Down The Highway by Bachman Turner Overdrive

A Classic Hit song most will know, by a 70's Kick-Ass band

Four Wheel Drive by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Not as well known but shows the essence of how great a band they were! Especially the guitar work.

Stayed Awake All Night by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Another good feeling song that kicks ass. Exceptional showcase of their talent

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Serpent in me watches the fair sheep while particles of her scent falls upon my forked tongue!

I'm not very hungry, having had one only a few days ago. I grimace, wishing I could close my eyes and shut out the world for a while. I cannot let my guard down. In this world, I'm lower than a rat, feared by most and loathed by all. The fire inside festers upward, glowing at first, then bursts into a fierce fireball longing to be released. I hold back the urge to fire it out my bellowing mouth. I cannot waste it you see, you never know when you might need it for a fast defense. I crawl out to my ledge to watch the great fireball in the sky drop and disappear out of sight. Twilight will fall upon me soon enough, leaving this vast lonely void to engulf me. I lower my head to the edge of the ledge and thoughts of my long lost mate flood my vision. How many thousands of years more would it be before we can be together once more. A chilling cold breeze fills the air, helping me to realize my lonely pitiful existence. The air stills again as darkness blankets over me. The silhouette of my head now only outlined by the soft glow of my eyes. What I would give for a Dragon-slayer to play with tonight to take my mind off of my true love.

I'm a young bold western red Dragon and she is a fair slender blue eastern Dragon whose breath is soft as clouds. My head is tickled by a moist warm mist as a howl of wind meanders through my cave. I yawn as wisps of smoke escape my lips. Soon I will make my nighttime search once again for the love of my life, but for now I wait for the slow fog to encompass me. I ponder where to search tonight as I stretch out my wings to ready for flight. I leap to my feet, as I step closer to the ledge to take off. Narrowing my gaze to the north, I decide to head toward the Harrowing forest. As I circle the castle from afar looking for any sign of Knight activity, I observe the unusual deadness amongst the vast and dense forest. I continue my northerly trek as the chilling air smacks my nostrils. My fiery red eyes pick up a blue glimmering reflection from the left deep within the dense forest. I turn and begin to descend down toward it...

As I soar through the trees and land in a clearing, I turn in circles looking for the blue reflection that caught my attention before. Suddenly, I'm hit with a faint scent of my love! I leap around and frantically trying to pinpoint the source. She was here! I see no sign of her now sadly, as Dragon scent can linger for a very long time. I hear a rustle of leaves behind me and I turn in great anticipation. It is not her but a knight yielding a huge two handed sword towards me. My first instinct is the fry him on the spot. Stupid human! But something tells me to wait. Perhaps he has seen my love! I cannot just waste him without that possibility. I look around for more possible human fools but only see this one. I ponder how to handle him, as I sidestep around him. I shoot of a couple of small fireballs along either side of him. He must know I mean business, nor can I let my guard down. I move closer to him and smell him to see if I can pick up any trace of her. Nothing hits my senses except his fowl smell. The human continues to stand guard, watching intently for the next attack. After all, he has been taught that we always attack, and he is sure that he must be ready with shield in hand. I think for a moment what fun I could have taunting him, but I have more pressing issues. In a lightning quick move, I feign to the the right and slash my tail to the left, taking him down hard, knocking his sword across the way. What an amateur, I think to myself.

Human I bellow at him," have you encountered a blue Dragon in these woods? Answer quickly or I shall carry ye off to my lair for a midnight snack!" I draw a deep breath as if to deliver on my threat. I rear up and fire over his head! He quickly tries to roll away.

He screams, "I know not what you speak of, I swear!"

I look to his eyes for any sign of deceit, but see none.

I bark back, "Be gone with you useless human before I change my mind!"

I decide perhaps I'll follow this fool for a while from afar to see where he leads...

It is not easy following something so small without being noticed. I'm not graceful and being so large your bound to make some noise. I wonder what the dumb human is doing out here, as he does not seem to be much of a Dragon Slayer. He never showed me any moves that would lead me to believe that he had any clue about fighting Dragons or any other creature for that matter.

I soon bored with him and as I was picking up no new scent of my love, I began to question whether I really smelled her in the first place. Perhaps out of despair and longing my nostrils deceived me. I let out a big sigh and once again felt the rush of depression overtaking my being.

I took to the sky once again. As I soared higher I pondered whether to return to my lair or to go on searching. I could see the silly human become smaller and smaller. I have yet to meet any human that was a match for me but this one took the cake. I decided to continue on my search, after all I had come this far. It was incredibly quiet and almost serene up here, as if the world below was just an illusion. I enjoyed being in the air, as it was the only time I could feel completely free.

After what seemed like hours had passed, I took notice of my surroundings and realized that nothing below looked familiar. How could that be, I knew this land like the back of my hand, yet at the moment I felt disoriented. I allowed myself to drift down so I could get a different perspective. I could see a faint image of light coming from the side of a mountain up ahead. I went toward it and landed just several feet from what looked like the opening of a cave. I approached slowly and with caution. Just as I was facing the entrance, I saw another human going toward the cave. She did not see me as I was behind a cluster of pine trees. I watched her for a moment. She was beautiful and fair for a human. She had long red hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. Her features were soft, but her body was lean and sturdy. She was armed with a shield and what looked like some kind of bone club. Her clothes were skin tight and accented her natural form. She wore very sparse armor that looked like it would not stop anything from penetrating her. She walked slowly and deliberately as if stalking someone or something. I found her fascinating to observe for some reason. I could not understand why, as I had never found any human to be interesting before. If nothing else, she was certainly more than that idiot I was following before. Perhaps there was something within her spirit that got my attention. I continued to watch her from behind. I followed her as far as I could fit in the cave but soon it became too small to proceed, so I returned to the entrance and waited to see if she would come out. After several hours she did finally return. It looked as if she had picked up some items and some different weapons, that led me to believe that she had done battle in there. She looked weary but an aura of accomplishment was surrounding her spirit. She stopped at the entrance to build a small fire and it looked like she would settle in for the night there. She kept looking around as if she sensed my presence nearby. She was sniffing the air which I found amusing as humans have such a mediocre sense of smell. She prepared a meal from what looked like a small mammal of some kind and then began to lay out a bed by the fire. I saw this as an opportunity to take a light nap myself as a full bright moon arose from the horizon. I took in a deep breath as I relaxed my eyes and kept in the moon-shadows of the trees. As she lay there by the fire, I was suddenly connected to her spirit as if her mind were in some dream sequence of events I could not understand. I must be dreaming or in some kind of trance but I could read her thoughts as if they were my own. Someone or something higher was telling me, compelling me to speak to her.

I could not believe the rush of emotions that overcame me but I was also not afraid of this new experience. There was something very calming about our mental connection, as if it were meant to be. I was interrupted suddenly by the sound of two Grulls approaching her. Grulls are predatory and brutal beings that inhabit the land. They are expert at banditry and usually kill those who they rob. I jumped to my feet, and before they were within ten feet of her I fired off two fireballs directly into them, frying them in their tracks. She immediately leaped to her feet her club in hand with speed I had never observed in a human before. She glanced quickly around, then at their charred bodies, then she spotted me.........To be continued.... is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Someone asked me today what was the difference between blogging and twitter?

The first thing that came to mind is that one big difference that you are limited to 140 characters on twitter. Other than that I don't really see much difference? Folks rant on twitter as much as they do on blogger. Some ignore the 140 char thing and just submit post after post to get their rants on. There is probably more spam on twitter simply because it is flooded with businesses trying to sell you stuff or make you join some site. What I could use for my blog is one of their programs that get you 400+ followers a day. What do you do with 400 followers anyways. They are all folks you would not talk to anyways so it seems to me to be fickle. More of an ego thing than anything genuine. Yeah Ego, one of the deadly enemies. Mine is surely a mess at times. Crap, sometimes I invent things peeps never said simply because my ego tells me to. I have to say that I sure have fun on twitter though. Its a great platform to get things off your chest or to just act crazy. Not a stretch for me at the least. The other voices in my head are arguing on that one! twitter kind of reminds me of the great chat room days of old on MSN for which I was a frequent mile club member. The Darling most favorite person I follow is @PeractoVita. She is like a soul mate for me or as close as I come to one. She plays Diablo 2 with me and shares her writing with me. I feel quite lucky to know her. I love all the peeps I talk to on twitter, even the ones who disagree with me and my ego demons. So all in all they have a winner going there. I had to laugh hard at someone saying that most peeps would only tweet once in their lifetime. What a joke! twitter has regulars like nowhere else. Where else can you find such a diverse group?