Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Someone asked me today what was the difference between blogging and twitter?

The first thing that came to mind is that one big difference that you are limited to 140 characters on twitter. Other than that I don't really see much difference? Folks rant on twitter as much as they do on blogger. Some ignore the 140 char thing and just submit post after post to get their rants on. There is probably more spam on twitter simply because it is flooded with businesses trying to sell you stuff or make you join some site. What I could use for my blog is one of their programs that get you 400+ followers a day. What do you do with 400 followers anyways. They are all folks you would not talk to anyways so it seems to me to be fickle. More of an ego thing than anything genuine. Yeah Ego, one of the deadly enemies. Mine is surely a mess at times. Crap, sometimes I invent things peeps never said simply because my ego tells me to. I have to say that I sure have fun on twitter though. Its a great platform to get things off your chest or to just act crazy. Not a stretch for me at the least. The other voices in my head are arguing on that one! twitter kind of reminds me of the great chat room days of old on MSN for which I was a frequent mile club member. The Darling most favorite person I follow is @PeractoVita. She is like a soul mate for me or as close as I come to one. She plays Diablo 2 with me and shares her writing with me. I feel quite lucky to know her. I love all the peeps I talk to on twitter, even the ones who disagree with me and my ego demons. So all in all they have a winner going there. I had to laugh hard at someone saying that most peeps would only tweet once in their lifetime. What a joke! twitter has regulars like nowhere else. Where else can you find such a diverse group?


  1. That is the sweetest thing anyone has said about me! You are a doll, really. I enjoy playing Diablo with you too. I'd type more but my damn period key keeps falling off.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I don't twitter. I worry it would be such a time suck, and blogging sucks enough time as it is. But I know lots of people love it. I guess that's life.