Saturday, August 22, 2009


She stands watching me in a defensive stance. Looks at the Grulls, then back to me. She knows she is ill-equipped to defend herself against me, yet she appears to be unafraid. She looks to me with cautious curiosity for a moment, then the realization sinks in. "you are the Dragon I saw in my dream, are you not?" My mouth drops open. How could this be, how could she no this cannot be real, he says to himself. I watch her closely as I circle closer. "How could you possibly have seen me in your slumber" I say aloud to her. She steps back a little, perhaps taken off guard by my bellowing deep voice. "have we seen each other before?" she asks. "I um do not think we have," I say. Looking around at the charred bodies, she asks "why did you stop those Grulls from attacking me?" I hesitate before answering her. “Because of my dream or vision, I had to find out who you are” I said. She looks back at me in disbelief. “I was communicating with you and flying on your back.I was not afraid or uncomfortable at all, as if we were as one” she continued. “Who are you?” I asked.
“My name is Regana. I ‘am looking for my father’s captors. Our village was raided by a band of cutthroats in Surdana. My father was taken by the leader of these creatures. My mother was slain by a Trog. Our General Dehrimon was also killed leaving us without a ruler of our limited army. Why my father was sparred I do not know. I was out on a hunt for food and when I returned, I learned what had happened from Lenox, the town’s commissioner, who hide in the tower while watching the assault.”

I listened to her while watching the horizon for any signs of intrusion.
“And what do you plan to do if you find this band of thieves?” I asked.
“Considering that you are all alone, just how do you propose to take them all on? One on one? Are you an experienced warrior or marksmen?” I inquired.

“I am a proven warrior and marksmen and I have been given the gift of using the Drakan! A kind of time warp gateway device that allows the user to have the ability to shift through both time and different lands.” she continued. “I also am willing to give my life for my cause”

I circle her in deep thought, as I think about whether she can be of some use to my search. After a moment I ask
“You said that in your dream, you were riding on me, did you not?”
“Yes!” she replied.
“I have my own mission, which doesn’t concern you but I ‘am looking for my one true love who has been missing for sometime. Have you seen any sign of a Blue Dragon during your quest?” I asked.
“No I have not, I’m sorry to say” as she looks at me with despair.
“I was thinking that there may be some advantage to my helping you with your quest and you in return helping me find my love” I say.
“In addition, I continue, you may keep whatever gold or wealth you come across as I have no use for such things.”
“That is an interesting proposal, I must say she replies. One that I’m sure has never been tried before. How do I know that if you find your lady that you would keep your word and not make a meal of me or my father if we find him?” she asks cringing at the mouth, not knowing how he may take that.
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