Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today is a long-ass day that most people talk about. For me, they are all long days. I usually work ten hour days at the least. I have a lot of boring moments before I have to jump back into the madness of running around taking care of these people. So I try to jump on my computer when I can. The problem is that they have websense at work, which limits you to just being able to check your emails and go to news sites, that kind of thing. You cannot twitter, facebook, myspace or anything interesting or fun. You can go to ebay, which I find a little weird. I found out today that I can blip from work, that is. I've been checking that out lately. It is one of these who wants to be a DJ kind of site. Well with my love of music and loving #musicmondays on twitter, now I can play whatever music I like or can find (they have a limited selection) and it tweets it to my twitter. I'm not sure how many people actually click on my songs but apparantly the people on do network back and forth, so I'm making new friends which is always fun.
They do have some cool unusual finds on there and are adding more all the time. Oh and you can post comments about the music or dedicate songs before you blip. It is very much linked to twitter. I have not been able to get the auto blip feature to work on my facebook. It says it's enable but does not post there? Oh well! Why we need this work censorship on our internet is beyond me but I'm sure people take advantage if it's not there. You know the ones I'm talking about, like the big shot CEO going on porno sites and doing private sessions! Oh wait they probably can do that anyways, they don't have websence. When did the internet become such an evil conglomerate that big brother government and law agencies have to watch us all in the name of protection and homeland security. One more terrorist is just a clic away after all!
Land of the free? as long as we can define your freedom for you, sure you can be free.

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  1. Our company goes a weird direction with the webcontrol. We are allowed to use most sites as long as the network is under a specified capacity. Which it occasionally is. However, we can't use anything with streaming media.

    Which means that we can't even access news sites.

    We can tweet, but we can't be informed. I find that a very curious logic.

    I'm enjoying your blog, by the way. :)