Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hollywood Lost

I'm starring at a mountain of work I have to do and sitting here instead writing this. I guess I'd rather write than anything else. Who wants to work anyways, sure it pays the bills, but provides little inspiration apart from the false sense that you are doing something worthwhile. I hear people talk about how they love their jobs and don't get me wrong I have a better job than a lot of people, but do I love what I do? It is not what I dreamed about, nor is this the place I thought I would end up. I wanted more than anything to be a musician or an actor. Growing up in Hollywood, I was exposed to the Hollywood scene and lifestyle. I knew quite a few actors, musicians, and a lot of would-be types. Each had their gifts and some who were quite good at their craft never got the break needed to make it. The bottom line is that we need to remember that they are just people like the rest and have the same feelings, insecurities, needs as everyone else. I've been told by some that acting is one of the most boring jobs around, with all the waiting around and repetition. It is a huge popularity contest and that can only add to the already immersed insecurities. Musicians on the other hand can be huge party animals or can be totally absorbed into their music. Usually they are quite serious about their craft, while maintaining the image of party animal. They all love the notoriety of having fans, money, fame and all that goes along. Some end up resenting the public as a whole, but who can blame them after the way the fans, media, paparazzi's and the ones who control their whole being. It is not as easy as we would all like to think being them. Sure they have the money, and all the lifestyle dreams they can want, but it is transient and soon gone before they realize it.
When I was a kid, I use to hang out with some of them. It was fun, exciting, and even got the opportunity to be in the Hollywood Christmas Parade with one actress. They used to practice their roping skills and other moves on me and my sisters. We were living in Laurel Canyon then, so had the best of worlds around us. Which brings me back to the point. How did I end up in Phoenix??? :(