Sunday, October 4, 2009


Watched the news today! What a mistake! I cannot stomach the garbage the media puts out there anymore! Politics, entertainment, current events, all lies! What can you believe anymore. It's all about hype and popularity. The problems that exist in this country today can all be traced back to one reason: Greed. Greed on the part of business, politicians, private sector, government. I think everything that is wrong with us is born out of greed. It is not the Democrats, Republicans, the military, our president, our congressional so-called leaders. They all out of greed have placed us down the path of self-destruction. The government selling secret technology to any country who will pay. The politicians taking from all the tax payers and getting perks from Special Interests groups. Corporations who don't give a damn about this country except how much green they can line their pockets with.
We had the top country in the world in every aspect, and they have pissed it all away with their greed. Maybe it is time for mother-nature to wipe out mankind, so the earth can start fresh again.
I know this sounds like all gloom and doom talk, but really when you think about it, what solutions are available to stop the spiral spinning of destruction this orb is heading to?


  1. Calm down..take a deep breath :) greed is one of human's conditions.What you do best is not follow them and never let them dominate you.No,I am not talking about ignorance but I 'm talking about let go.Life is too short to think to long..I'm not a good writer but I sure do feel your frustreation in your every lines.Think less and smile more :)

  2. Thank you ThaiAngel! I will take your advice! and I don't worry too much about these things for which I cannot change anyways, but it is a blog and I think I'm supposed to rant and get caught up in the moment. :)