Sunday, November 22, 2009


Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?
Now I know some folks love the holidays! The chance to be around family, friends, acts of merriment. I go just for the food! I know that sounds terrible doesn't it? The fact remains, that in my family, I will be offended at some point over some political argument or crack. I'm always out numbered, so they feel free to make whatever joke or comment about how my side is screwed up! They even have their kids join in with the joke fest. Does this happen in every one's household? I'm sure I'm not alone in hating being in the position of being a minority and apparently an idiot for having my beliefs. It always leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that in another month I get to come back again to do it all over again. Can't wait! On the other side of the family, I get this email from my sister written by her daughter, my niece, saying that she wanted to have the Thanksgiving dinner at her house and she wanted all of the family "and I mean all of the family" there. The email goes on to mention everyone in the family by name except me. I email my sister back and say; "I guess she really only wanted the "real" family to come because, apparently I'm not a part of. At this point, some of you may be thinking that this man is too sensitive and should just go with the flow? I probably would save myself a lot of anguish if i could, but for reasons beyond my control, I always get real emotional at this time of year. Do some of you have this happen, and if so how do you cope with it?
If I'm lucky, I can get through the day of watching football, listening to political shit, the family gossip, eating so many snacks that I have no appetite for the big turkey dinner, not to mention numerous amounts of drinks. The more I can drink, the easier to cope. Then when it is finally time to sit down and devour the feast, they have this tradition of going around the table and asking each person to state what they are thankful for this year! PLEASE, please, please spare me!! Now we have to listen to about 20-25 people rant on about being thankful for their spouses, children, health you all know the drill. Does anyone remember what the next person was thankful for the previous year? I think not. I know I don't nor do I really care because it all hype anyways. This also gives them an excuse to once again mention their political gratitude for what a great country we live in blah blah blah! One year we said we were not going to do anything political and so who starts in, but the youngest daughter! My sister smacked her in the back of the head which triggered another heated exchange from her dad about how dare she put her hands on his daughter! Got to love it!
Mother, Mary and Joseph please get me through this week!
Please comment to me on how normal people celebrate thanksgiving or how yours is much worse than mine. Misery loves company!


  1. For obvious reasons, I'm not going to comment on the 'my family' portion of this.

    However, I will leave a suggestion...

    When they ask you what you are thankful for? Tell them, in the most innocent and honest voice that you can muster, "I am thankful for having a family that is so gregarious in their honest caring, so open to new ideas, so obviously capable of stimulating conversation, and incredibly stellar to spend time with."

    Then sit down with a grin, knowing that they will never have caught on to the sarcasm and snide manner of your comment because their heads are too far up their own asses.


    Miss you.

  2. That is excellent advice! Thank you! I'll see if I can pull that off with a straight face after drinking all day ;)

    miss you too.

  3. Dude, I bypassed my family and posted on FB: "INVITE A WRITER TO THANKSGIVING DINNER and enjoy her keen wit, wry dry sense of humor, and sassy boots! Pairs well with all wines. (^_~)"

    I shit you not. Now, I get along with my family - rather well - but still, Christmas is plenty of holiday fun with loved ones, me thinks. I scored an invite to spend some quality NONfamily family time with a girlfriend and her new GF. Awesome. Had a great time. Even the food was good. (You know how I love to be cooked for....)

    I heartily recommend the Friends/Orphans Thanksgiving. I am thankful for it every time. Better luck with Christmas.


    PS I suffer from the same holiday sadness. I try to be creative about treating it. Some years I score (like TG this year) and some years I just endure. This year I'm up one. =)

  4. Dina! I would have invited you if it were possible especially with an ad like that!! Next year I may just go help out at the Salvation army. I did that one year and had a blast making stuffing and corn with ham! It wasn't that bad though this year. Only one outburst over politics and it was done! Now on my brother's side of family, there was a bf who had a fucking heart attack on Thanksgiving! Can you imagine? What are you thankful for...Oh Fuck!
    But you know my niece is like thirty years younger than him (the gf) so no wonder he had a heart attack!! Shit am I bad or what? I hope the guys ok, really! Thanks Dina for your comments. Made my shitty day! :)