Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wow! What a rough week! Thanksgiving tomorrow and I can tell you all right now, about the only thing I will be thankful for is that I can keep plying myself with alcohol all day, for when I return on monday, my life will become a holy living hell!
Isn't it great to get a day or two off but most companies these days are not about to loose any revenue over it. The old days of actually celebrating a holiday and not worrying in the true spirit, of how much it was going to cost them. Those days are long gone my friends. Now it is more like sure we have to give you a paid day off, but you are going to make up for it by doing two days work in one when you get back!
At least, that is how it is in the medical field and I suspect it is like that everywhere. Retail has got to be the worst though. I pity anyone working in retail during the holidays. So as I drink myself into a stupor tomorrow, I'll be hoping that you all will too and we all can be thankful for having a job and living in this great country whichever one you got stuck calling home. I'm sure whatever country you live in is the best no matter what anyone tells you.
We'll be drinking Margaritas by the seaside, mamasita!
Ok so it's only a creek but I do love that line from Thelma and Louise.
What could be better than that except maybe umm.. you know what with those two by the seaside as they were soooo hot in those days. Susan Serrandan and Gena Davis were both extremely sexy in their youth. They both still have a lot of sexual appeal!
ok I'm going off a sidetrack here, but come to think of it, it is not one I would mind at all going off on. The average male mind thinks about sex every five minutes, they say but I think about it probably every few seconds :)
Happy Thanksving!!

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