Sunday, December 13, 2009


I woke up this morning feeling pretty down and dismal. I was in my usual re-hashing all the same thoughts about where my life is going, not going. I turned on the TV and started watching "Angel Eyes" with Jennifer Lopez. I've seen it before, so I put on some music and turned the sound off on the TV. I do this a lot. I'd have to say that Jennifer Lopez is an amazing actress with the sound off, at least in this movie she is. She really has got the conveying with her eye's thing down.
I have been drawn to Joni Mitchell lately as I have most of my life. I pulled up "Hejira", a collection of nine tunes that probably reveal the most about her poetry and life than any other work she has done. To me, this does and I'm sure others have different opinions. For me, this collection of poetry speaks directly to me. It actually does more than that, it gets inside of me. I would go further and state that I actually have mystic experiences while listening to her. I should say hearing her, not listening. we can listen to music, but it is not the same as hearing it. Through hearing and getting inside the musics essence is where the true power of music lies. For me, as it started today, it forms a slight tingle in my head, then grows in intensity circling over my whole body in waves of healing energy. It doesn't happen too often, but when it comes it is one of the most inspiring feelings I've ever felt. I guess you could say that Joni is like a guardian angelic to me :)
This process started for me when I was a teenager. The first time i felt it I was scared at first, then it felt like a hand over my heart holding me and then the wave of pulsing tingling and healing took place. It is awesome!
When I studied light meditation in Seattle with an energy healer, a shaman I learned to open up other colors of light energy and how to direct them through my body and others. They can also be used to protect yourself and heal specific areas that need it.
They can even be directed at inanimate objects for protection, such as your car. White light works best for this. How this comes to me through playing Joni, I don't know. I just accept it and consider it a blessing when it happens. My cyber cypher is telling me all the time, that this is just wires and pictures coming through a machine. I have to smile to myself, as I know she knows as I do that the wires and machine are only the messenger. The message is real. Energy follows thought and that is what is conveyed. As Empaths, it is hard to stay grounded. There is so many forces, people who need to suck our energy and we are bound to give it in sacrifice. It is our calling even amongst ourselves.
We feel things and know things that others may not see or feel. That doesn't mean that they can't, for I believe we all have the capability to do that, just some have closed the door to it for whatever reason.
It can be a blessing and a curse.
Today it is a blessing!
Thank you Joni! Thank you God!


  1. who thinks the thinker of these thoughts?
    here true peace is found...

  2. Thanks sunyata! It is the only place I've found true peace!