Friday, December 11, 2009


Hope everyone is surviving the holiday madness so far! I still can't get into Christmas music. It's not so much that I don't like it but it bombards us so much, that it gets sickening after a while. I'm not alone in this am I? Everywhere and every year it comes sooner and faster. Peeps start decorating for Halloween now two or more weeks before then it just takes off from there. When I was kid, peeps didn't even decorate for Halloween other than maybe put out a pumpkin with a real candle. Not a light that blinks, flashes whatever. a flicker of the candle. Remember that? Then thanksgiving was a low key family gathering. Today it is a big production and quite elaborate. then builds up to Christmas! The celebration of our lords birth! When Jesus preached the spirit of giving, I think he had good will in mind. Helping your neighbors, forgiving your enemies, loving your families. How we got it twisted into this commercial circus it has become today is beyond reason. Gift giving in my family has become the epitome of everything commercial you can think of. Like that is supposed to make you happy and fulfilled. No enrichment of my life for Christmas sake but a new gadget, toy, some tech thing should surely do the trick. Thank you God, thank you Jesus! Now I'm not usually a reactionary but when it comes to what we have done to Christmas, I would like to go back to the days when the true meaning of Christmas was celebrated. The spread of love, cheer, a genuine caring and interest in your fellowman. I know the sentiments still exist. I witness them from time to time. Try to change the way you celebrate Christmas and if you have kids, they think they are being punished, or you get called a cheapskate or worse. There is always someone there to pump you full of guilt. look at the fucking commercials on TV. "He went to Jerrod's. A diamond is forever. if your a guy, then its Man-tools, Home depot, Sears Craftsman. Yeah power me up baby! New cars, caviar...think Ill buy a football team-pink Floyd" And what is this shit about all these so-called sales? You cranking out cash for something you think someone else wants or likes and your supposed to feel good about spending the money cause you saved a little?? Every retailer jacks up the price of everything at Christmas just so they can tell you it's on sale when in reality your paying top dollar. I really have nothing against the giving of gifts concept, just why does it have to be so corrupted and stressful? Too much pressure! Not enough feeling good and natural celebration to me. How do you all feel about it? If I'm full of shit, then so be it but I'd really prefer to skip Christmas one year. Whew! I feel better, now I hope I didn't bum everyone out...just saying...OK OK I will try to find a way to get in the Christmas spirit. It usually doesn't hit me until around Christmas eve and after several bottles of beer :) As my friend Geri reminded me, no matter what stance we take, we are bound to offend someone, but isn't that what Christ was: Truth, Love. A true offender! We should all strive to be true to ourselves and in doing so be true to him.


  1. All I want for Christmas is Hawaii:

    a place in the sun where I know no one and where I can happily watch the sun rise and set and not give a single thought to what I should have done, could have bought, would have wished. I'll smile at everyone who crosses my path, drink rum, and send up a little song of gratitude when day is done.

  2. I'm so there!! When do we leave? :)