Monday, December 21, 2009


Did you ever want to go to some tropical paradise for Christmas! Not so much to celebrate Christmas in a warm climate, but to escape the norm.
That thought has been on my mind ever since my cyber cypher suggested that is what she wanted for Christmas. I would love doing that, and just to see the look on my families faces when I tell them "I'm going to Hawaii for Christmas" would be priceless! I think we should plan on that for next Christmas, because alas it would be pretty impossible this year! That would make the New Year and the tedious months to follow go by faster with the anticipation of a fabulous vacation in Hawaii for Christmas could be an awesome reality! Of course, we may get lost there and never come back, which come to think of it is even more alluring. What the hell, I've always wanted to become a surf bum anyways and what better place to do that? Maybe Kauai instead? yeah less crowded and more people like us :)It would be nice to be a local and not laughed at as a tourista visiting.
It's funny, my dad was born on Oahu and I've only been there once. He was there when they bombed Pearl harbor. He joined the Army and got sent to another island in the pacific. Talk about dumb luck! My father bounced around in the military for a number of years before moving to California to pursue a career in Art. Oahu from my experience is the biggest hodgepodge of cultural diversities. A lot of prejudice there, and downright hatred, but Kauai is beautiful and has a whole different feel to it. My uncle was a fighter pilot in WW2 and the Korean wars. He has written books about his wartime experiences and is quite a character. He lives on maui now. I know so little about the islands thanks to my dad hating them so, that we never visited there.
My father is one of those, like his father before him, unapproachable types. Growing up I mostly heard things like "Don't do as I do, do as I tell you or I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong." Other gems were when I had to help him work with tools. I would be told to hand him a wrench or something, not knowing which one, of course, and being called a dummy or idiot for not being able to read his fucking mind! As far as my grandfather goes, I don't think he spoke more than two sentences to me his whole life. I knew he was religious, because he would threaten constantly to leave all his money to the Catholic church.
I learned about love from my mother and from trial and error. Both my parents came from the no communication generation.
My mother was a loving, giving woman with a huge heart. She was outgoing friendly to everyone. She grew up in Monroe, Michigan. She spent her early adulthood in Detroit. She worked on the atom smashers during WW2in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I think that all the radiation exposure, and who knows what may have contributed to her Alzheimer's and other conditions. She never developed cancer though. She met my father in California where he was a poor art student and they worked at a dinner together. My dad got fired and my mom quit, Lol. They got married soon after. I have two older sisters and a younger brother. I spent most of my life in southern California. When i did finally decide to leave and make a new life for myself, something unexpected happened.
I always thought I would remain close to my family. Little did I know that they would consider me the trader who moved away. It has been quite a realization year after year to know that if I want to be a part of them, I have to make the sacrifice to go to them. I did that last year so I won't be going back sometime soon. I will be spending Christmas in lovely Sedona, Az with the other crazy family. Next year Kauai!! Merry Christmas family!
Happy Holidays everyone!
Peace out!


  1. Families are quite the challenge!!! Please know that you are not alone in family "issues"...afterall,we don't get to pick them. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a wonderful new year as you anticipate a Christmas spent next year in Hawaii. :-)

  2. Thanks Juli!
    Is that why they can walk all over you? Because we are stuck with them, Lol I hope you have a wonderful loving Christmas :)