Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today is about time. Appropriate as we all have very little of that commodity.
I thought about it and realized how time is used in music. so here goes:
No Time left for you, on my way to better things. How does anybody really know what Time it is. Time is on your side, yes it is. Stepping in a Timezone. It's the Time of the season.Time to kill. It's Time like these. well, you get the idea. It goes on and on. So much emphasis placed on a man-made thing. We all want so much more of it, that isn't it really the biggest addiction we succumb to? What did they do in the days before man started watching the stars? Now there's a big waste of the stuff.Time and space. No Time to spend hours with you, I've got all these other commitments of my Time. Is it not really just about re-arranging things so that you can do what you want for leisure? We Time our work! You were seven minutes late, so we are docking your pay. Where did that expression come from? what is docking anyway. All stemmed out of a fee charged for a boat docking along shore. Just like rent! Can you imagine a world without time? what would we call it when we pass it, cheat it, use it, harness it, loose it, need more of it, borrow it, beg for it, capture it, sleep in it? Take Time off! Use it or loose it! When you run out of it, your dead but not really, you just inherit it eternally! hmmmm how nice full circle! :) Peace out!


  1. Three stars out of three, babe. You made me smile and, more importantly, you made me relax and remember what I read earlier today:

    ****I overheard an eye-popping conversation between a female customer and our beloved Rune reader, Ingrid Kincaid. The woman said, "I really need your help. I am so confused right now."

    Ingrid grinned confidently and said, "Dear, I don't believe you are confused. Complete this thought and then tell me if uncertainty resides. 'If I really told the truth right now... '"*****

    And....damn. I'm officially outta time. BUT 'if I really told the truth right now...' I'd say I had an awesome day. That is, I'd say that if I don't give myself crap about what I did as a apposed to what I was *supposed* to do today. And I won't know until later, perhaps much later in my life, whether today's social media pig out was the wrong or the right thing to do. I did it. That's all.

    4Sins, Sins of the Eldest,
    aka Dina

    PS - Listening to Radiohead – House of Cards: "Forget about your house of card and I'll do mine!" Isn't time just a house of cards anyway?

  2. Thanks baby! You know I would have written more but I ran out of, you guessed it!! I will have to listen to House of Cards as it is not making sense but perhaps it will after :)

  3. Juli (scotlandlover from blip)December 10, 2009 at 8:21 PM

    Wow...glad to have been pointed to your blog. Ironically, today on the way home from work I heard the song "No Time" and meant to blip it tonight.....have given a lot of thought to this time thing as of late and pondering whether I should really limit myself more from the blip thing....

  4. Thanks for your comment Juli! Yes I hear that is a common theme on blip. It is so much fun that once on it is hard to stop and get other things done that we should be doing. I'm guilty of that too. :)