Sunday, January 24, 2010


Since I have become a DJ on, I have been slowly picking up new DJ listeners from around the world. It has helped me broaden my horizons with my musical tastes.There are so many great bands now from around the world, that one does not have to be locked in to just listening to the same old standbys. I have always had a broad range of musical taste, so now it is even more diverse. The follow or listen concept puzzles me though. It seems you can gain and lose listeners at a moments notice depending on the type of music you blip. I understand that some people add you because they like similar types of music. I have a hard time understanding why they can drop you just as fast if you play something they don't like or doesn't fall into their category or genre. What is wrong with some diversity? As Ricky Nelson said once after getting booed for not playing his old hits: "If all I can play is memories, I would rather drive a truck." (Garden Party)
There is some great music to discover out there and not just from blip. XM/Sirius has some great stations also. I absolutely love deep tracks. I get to hear some new and old versions of some of my favorites as well as many tunes I've never discovered.
If only I had more time to spend discovering all this new music.
Seems that constantly being drawn into all this social media that absorbs most of my time has left me having to abandon other things in my life, like writing, playing guitar, playing games, socializing, watching movies, reading, and the list goes on.......
I suppose if it makes me happy, then it can't all be bad, right?
If I had never got sucked into twitter and the like, I would be functioning in real life mode, but missing out on great opportunities to expand my spiritual, mental, interacting capabilities.
So moving forward, no regrets for all the great experiences and fantastic people I've met.
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