Sunday, January 3, 2010


@ShiaoMei:Your fun to blip with and I love your song selections!

@rocket1206: I haven't know you too long, but I like how you respond and blip important songs back and forth!

@MrsASoprano:My bible verse belle- Love how we can play off each other and build up to a blipping frenzy, Lol Keep the great songs coming babe!

@beingtheo :You blip tunes of excellence! A challenge to match for sure!

@Gen22:Gen, you were one of my first blip followers! We were drawn together right away and have so many musical interests in common! You make me smile, laugh, and I enjoy your blips tremendously!

@MSBloom: You blip very unique songs and I love your attention to themes and tunes with substance!

@ladypn:I think you are a very special lady. Very thoughtful! Again you have impeccable timing with your rp's and just the songs that I need to hear at that moment.

@PixiesPics -Thank you sweetie for posting the link and the kind things you said about my blog. ~hugs~

@FortHarrison: Good friend great blipper, asks if I posted any new blogs :)

You DJ's are all Stars in my book. I appreciate the thoughtful blips and replies that you all have.The gifts you offer and the love we share are unmatched anywhere else. Keep the great tunes coming!
@ShannonGrissom: Thanks for your support and friendship!

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