Friday, January 1, 2010


Well it is the New Year! Everyone starting out refreshed and with new expectations. I don't believe in resolutions. I have not for many years. It just seems like a huge build up that can go nowhere but down. The last new years resolution I kept seemed like centuries ago but it was a good one. I quit smoking! and never went back. We all tend to fall back to our old ways, so why put yourself through the letdown. I do however wish the best for everyone for the New Year! I hope to have relationships continue to grow and to make new ones.

I also want to take a moment to reflect on just how much music means to me in my life and to pay respect to some of my favorite blip stars. I'm going to mention some of you by name so I hope you don't mind. Warning you in advance. If I leave someone out please don't take it personally, as I have some memory problems and it doesn't in any way mean you are not loved and respected.
I think Jethro Tull's "Life's a long Song" says it best. We really do live a large portion of our lives through music, in many more ways than some of us realize. It truly does enrich our lives, guide our emotions, express our love, soothe our souls, and yes even guide the healing light within all of us.

@4Sins. She has been my greatest gift of "09! This special lady has touched my soul in so many ways, I cannot even begin to explain. She is an incredibly lighted being that can shine so bright! As such, she can soar to great heights and lows as I can also. I think she knows and more importantly understands me sometimes even better than I do. Thank you for being a part of my life! Awesome writer too!

@scotlandlover: I think we were touched by our mutual taste in music, but have become bonded by a mutual understanding of life, philosophy and love. I thank you for your understanding and support and hope the best for you and your family for '10

@PeractVita: An incredible friend and Gem! I feel I can talk to her about anything and always receive open honesty. That is a hard trait to find in someone. She even listens to me when I babble or rant on about nothing. She is an incredible writer also. Thank you for being my friend!

@GeriMontoya : I have to admit that when I first started talking to you, I thought you were too sweet to be real. It has taken some time to realize how real and sweet you really are. I don't deserve your love, but you have certainly helped me battle with my demons. You are incredibly lighted! She calls me her living jukebox! Thank you for showing me your light!

@loripop: Again, we were drawn by our music, but grew beyond mutual understanding of each other. You are another gifted lighted soul who has truly touched me through your blog and music. You showed me some things about myself that I needed to process. I thank you for that! Your are also an incredible writer.

@DeAnn: An incredibly talented woman! She can keep me jumping when we get our RP's going full stream! You really did an awesome thing with creating BlipIsHip and in forming a family community of music appreciation encompassing all genres of music. It has grown to become more of a place where folks like us can feel a part of a loving family. I thank you for that.

@starlingpoet: ~smiles~ You are an incredible lighted woman who has been a true friend from when we first met! I admire and respect your tenacity and dedication to your followers. You have awesome taste in music and are not afraid to share your roots.
I hope the best for you '10

@Edainsmom: What an incredible inspiration you are! Just today you said the sweetest thing to me that lifted my spirits so high, you have no idea! You have given me silent support in your rp's and in the music you blip. It is an honor to know another truly gifted writer!

@KristyRNinAZ: One of the most positive and outgoing ladies on blip and twitter! You truly shine bright, and as a fellow Zonie, how can you go wrong :) Love the exchanges we share! Thank you! You send out happiness!

@donnadontplay: Although we haven't known each other long, you have touched me with your light! You are open and honest! I appreciate that and hope we become closer in '10 :)

@lillianwong: Always positive and blipping the kind of music that touches my soul! Thank you!

@dARKANGELofLOVE: You are a shinning angel to me! Always supportive and beaming with nice music. Thank you!

@Unaturalsoul: You have touched me with your impeccable timing of your re-blips. Maybe its coincidence but you have awesome insight! you may think I'm a little strange (ya think) but that's ok.

@Tisha: We seemed to hit if off right away with our similar tastes in music! When your on blip, it shines brighter! I hope to get to know you better :)

@Silveramberz: One of my first friends on blip! You are an incredibly giving woman who supports her listeners with real dedication! Thank you for being my friend even when I was being a jerk, Lol.

@PinkPrism: One of my first BlipIsHip friends:) You are sweet and open. You put a lot of thought into your blips and are always respectful of everyone. Thank you for your friendship.

@DamnTheMan: Like my bro! blips awesome tunage and is a good friend. Respectful always!

@sir_edward_ross: Another one of the first blip group I hung with. Always sends meaningful rp's and is just great fun to keep up with. Great friend!

@droolius: We have become great BlipIsHip buds and blip friends. Blips awesome songs and has impeccable taste. We tend to think alike which is good! GMTA. Never complains if I blip something lame!

@BunnyHoney: Sweet friend on blip and BlipIsHip. Someone I would like to know better. Thanks for your friendship

@liveanletdie: Another awesome Dj! Blips thoughtful tunes and themes (not many do that). Thanks for kind words and friendship!

@vanbytheriver: Blips great songs and gives me awesome encouragement on music selection! Got to tell though, every time I see your name come up, I think of Neil Young's "Down by the River" Lol

@devlps: Another great blip friend from that original group when I started out, but has remained a true friend. It is an honor to have your friendship!

@Jalapeno: One of my newest friends on blip. She is thoughtful and fun to blip with. I think we will become good friends. :)

SandroC: BlipIsHip friend and always plays awesome tunage! You are from Portugal and I'm Portuguese! Thanks for the great rp's

@Time2Burn:A great blip friend! You will almost always re-blip whatever I send you and we have very similar music backgrounds. thanks!

@rockchalk75: Probably the fastest blip DJ on there! How you do all your replies with awesome songs so fast baffles me! Maybe one day you'll show me how you do that? Thanks for your friendship.

@TheLenzyme: Thoughtful blips and respectful replies. A good friend from way back when I started. Thanks

@ShannonGrissom: An Awesome woman! Lighted and talented beyond belief. I have been blessed to have your friendship!

@BohlianSunshine: Sweet DJ and thoughtful blips, rp's. Always a pleasure to see your tunage!

@DJDolceVita: Sweet lady and great DJ! Always appreciate your thoughtful replies!

@Firecracker16: Fun thoughtful DJ! Love your energy when your on!

@Chronnomo: Not a blip DJ, but a good friend on twitter since I first joined! Always respectful, honest and one of the more intelligent tweets you'll find. Honor to be a friend!

@matriax: You have broadened my musical tastes with your great range of music. Thanks!

@559mickey: One of my first friends on twitter and blips great songs too. Thanks for your friendship!

@vixxeninpink: It has been a pleasure to see your thoughtful props everyday and replies! You blip awesome music too! Thanks Hun!

@Seatonemusic: Tenacity is a word that makes me think of you, in a good way :) We have kept that winter song alive and going for a long time now thanks to you! Thank you for your friendship.

@DirtyUrine: One of the most awesome DJ's on blip. I have followed from the start! GMTA in our music! metal rocks!

@Thaiangel: Thank you for all the rb love and great songs you have blipped!

I know I have forgotten some of you and will be kicking myself later when I do remember, but I will continue more in the next post.I know that you all have enriched my life in 2009 and have made me a better person. I still hate the fact that we can only give three props a day, but my props will be more thoughtful in 2010 and reflect the color and intensity that you all give off in harmony. Keep rocking and I hope to be able to measure up to all of your great qualities in 2010!


  1. :-( posted my comment on the wrong post...canny remove it myself...

  2. Here is your original post!
    Juli said...
    SO honored to be mentioned...and so honored to be in such company of fellow blipstars....and VERY honored to be in your presence. Hugs and blessings to you as we journey together in 2010. Curtsy (i'm a woman) to you, sir.... <3
    January 4, 2010 1:57 PM
    Thank you so much Juli! you have been a great friend to me! I always look for your comments and appreciate so much your taking the time! ~Big Hugs~

  3. Wow! Thanks for the awesome mention! Too sweet you are! Now, to live up to that description! :D

  4. Thank you Kristy. You don't have to live up to anything, you are awesome in your own right just the way you are:)