Friday, January 15, 2010


This morning I did a good morning blip offering coffee. Next thing I know I'm getting coffee requests for everyone like at Starbucks, Lol with one request from a sweet woman for tea with lemon. It was such fun!
Now I have lost a few friends on twitter who think I abandoned them, but I really don't see how or why? BlipFM, for those who are not familiar with it is a DJ blip music site that very much operates just like twitter except that you post music along with or without your comments. You can still reply, re tweet = re-blip etc. I'd have to say the dj's are a fun group of diverse backgrounds and tastes, just like twitter. So why do some folks get put off by it? Don't know or really care because music has always been top priority in my life. I still answer people when they reply to me on twitter. I was never one to post incessantly anyway just to see my name up there.
The flirtation on blip runs rampant and it is quite easy to get sucked into that. I actually enjoy it a lot and think it is quite healthy, but it can sometimes lead to problems with miscommunication and all that can go along with that. The same thing goes holds true for twitter from what I've seen. Once you weed out all the peeps who want to sell you something, get something from you, have you follow them for some big ego trip program designed to get you thousands of followers or get you "white Teeth."
Then there are the Porn spams, which has diminished considerably for me. I used to get a kick out of them until they got out of control and I was told to block and report.
Then there is the follow Friday and all the trending topics. I thought the #Followfriday thing would go away with the creation of the lists but it didn't. I don't even really understand the concept of the lists, as to me, it is just another popularity concept. Although my friend Lori explained it best in her blog that it is a convenient way to organize peeps that fit into a certain category.
I tend to think of peeps as having layers of categories they fit in so I have been unable to grasp the concept.
As far as etiquette goes, that seems to be based on how each person defines their behavior. My friend Gayle, did an excellent job of describing this topic and even provided guidelines and tools to use or follow. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants with such things and hence get myself in trouble sometimes or at least misunderstood. Bottom line is (you guys know I'm a bottom line kind of guy) don't take anyone too serious and especially yourself.
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  1. Excellent,as is quite the hot topic as of late~~esp. flirting, miscommunication etc...I have wanted to dm you about this very thing instead of commenting here but hey...I shouldn't have to feel like I need to hide out with my comments. Thanks again. See you on blipside.

  2. Thanks Juli! You can dm me anytime about anything. Your right about sometimes we are made to feel that we have to hide out :)