Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Now I know what you are thinking. I already got a tweet from a friend asking: "Who is the lucky chick?!" In fact, I'm the lucky guy! I love to rp and I'm quite good at it. Creating a world and character from nothing is quite challenging and you can use your imagination like no other format I know of. She is quite brilliant too at using hers so I'm sure I have met my match. If things go as planned, and we create a utopia worth writing about, I may post some of them here. We will be starting out as medieval characters. An area of some expertise for me as I have been playing one for over eleven years now. I'm sure we will be bringing in Dragons and serpents and who knows what else. Anyone else like to rp out there. We could create a new web-based realm. I used to run a few of those on MSN back in the day. Perhaps create a trending topic on twitter although I don't know how trending it would be but a lot of fun! Please send ideas, comments, suggestions as always appreciated.
Peace out!


  1. Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle with you ;) xxx L

  2. Heh heh! Should I take that as a warning?
    Can't wait ;)

  3. Wow. That's awesome news. Can't wait to hear more about it!