Saturday, February 20, 2010


The world was a better place for you and me

we said we would make our dreams come true someday

Time consumed realizations that dreams could never be

Did we change directions or just go separate ways

The path of love has grown routine, hearts devoured

Desire replaced by greed, wanting replaced by necessity

Love shouldn't be all about you your wants desires your incessant rantings

The me generation is not conducing to love nor about getting what you want

Love is not meant for those with no experience It should come with a warning label

May be hazardous to your health use discretion use sparingly apply only to affected areas

If a rash develops discontinue use consult your physician

No doctor healer energy worker can fix only facilitate the process open the path which you alone must take

Alone conflict of love for love begins with the self perhaps completes the circle

Straight lines go on for eternity as circles imply a beginning and an end repeating process

Paths cross paths lead away love strikes without warning but always with intent so strong and enduring

Transient toying with emotion trust beauty sins lust passion desire fulfillment

Like a drug sins created by the church control obey follow the crowd give and take

Take take get what you want get what you need feed your need need your dream

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  1. You ALWAYS write as one with such intense~deep one having been through so much more than most have or are at least willing to admit and express. I have often used the imagery of love being like a never-ending circle~with no beginning and no end. I have to admit that I much prefer your thoughts of love as a line ~as infinite much better than the circle idea. Kudos! :)

  2. Thank you J,
    I don't think I've been through more but have been more open with my expressions lately. It is becoming liberating, so that is good :)