Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So much talk about doors opening and closing. We all know the expression well, but just what is this metaphor?

Why do we use it so much to measure our emotions? What did they use before doors were invented?

I have always depended on the notion that everything happens for a reason, that things take place beyond our control.

While that is a noble, even religious way to look at events in our life, it also is a huge cop-out. For if everything is happens because of some divine intervention, that frees us from having to be responsible for our actions.

Just what does it mean to be responsible for our actions? More and more in this world, we see people not accepting responsibility for their actions. From our leaders, representatives, bosses, spouses, our children, all have thrown responsibility out the window.

We all want to take the path of least resistance. The one that lets us off the hook, out of the dog house, whatever you want to call it. Would taking the path of responsibility not be the better path to learning and making us the better person?

Aye, but what does it mean to be a better person? One who has achieved enlightenment? One who owns his actions, whatever the consequences? One who will sacrifice his own needs for the good of others? Give something up so that someone else can go on?

Back to noble causes. Why do people sacrifice for the sake of others? Is that for the good of the psychic mind or the proverbial pat on the back? again this just pacifies the ego, or is it truly for the sake of the recipient? And are these recipients deserving of the deed?

What is the deed? I know it has close ties with religion and Jesus trying to show man a philosophy of life that was lacking empathy. A way to really get inside another souls condition. Understanding, compassion all good for the healing of the soul.

What is Healing? Easy to understand on a physical plane. One gets sick, you either take something or do some action or sacrifice to recover. Easy! What is emotional healing? Allowing the mind to find balance, harmony, restoration, purging of fears, demons, unbalance.

What is unbalance? That which is not in harmony, sync, alignment with pure and impure. This is perhaps the hardest to deal with because of having to look at both sides, taking the good with the bad and so forth. The realization that we cannot achieve things for the all goodness. We have to experience dark to understand light. We have to hurt to understand well being. We have to lose in order to gain, take in order to give, live in fear in order to live in peace.

What is peace? Something we all strive for. Seems to tie into all of these things and then going beyond to find an inner glow so bright and inviting that to not go to it would be like giving up life in itself. Peace is transient in it's beauty. Never intended to last but never outlasted either. Peace out!

What is peace out? Stop saying that and think about it.
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  1. Great thoughts!!! All of it hits home to me but I especially like the part about people taking responsibility. One thing I hammered into my kids is that there are definite consequences to behaviour. Wasn't a popular thing as many of their peers weren't being taught that...but then..I often go against the tide.Have fun in your new endeavors. I appreciate you and your contributions here as well as blip.

  2. I agree, just saying that something is meant to be, and therefore is unchangeable, can seem a huge cop out.

    Not because I don't believe that this can be the case, it often is. But more because it is an expression used too often. Is every instance really unchangeable or is it just easier to say so because we don't want to have to work at it.

    That's where the responsibility comes in, doesn't it.

    Quote for the day:

    "What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" George Elliot

    <3 L

  3. Thank you LIly,
    Yes it is used too much as an expression.
    We do need to work at looking at all possibilities and then owning responsibility for our decisions.
    Beautiful quote :)
    <3 Gid...

  4. Hey J,
    I'm glad to hear that you try to teach your children the importance of responsibility. They are the future who can change things. It always starts with small steps. Thanks for your support as always! See you on the blip side :)