Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love is like a vulnerable roller coaster baby

Hold on tight lover let me take you higher

Don't let me go there alone only leave us drowning so forlorn

You know we can soar so high like the Banshees flourish in the navies flight

Flying with you has given me such delight

Looking to the future with you excites me so much Navigating through the obstacles thrown in our path

The challenges of strength that we have to rise above to prove our love to Gods above

A demon along every bump in the path, Navi help me find the clearing that will lead to the forest cliff

Circle with me love, our Navies know the way to safety remembering why we came in the first place

They never have to worry about the past, living in the love of the now will lead the way

Your gift of love will never be oppressed nor forgotten the beauty of your openness fills my heart beyond passion

How could I not love one so bold and beautiful follow you into the light of bliss and devotion

A Heart so strong yet so fragile will I protect with all my soul and emotion

lover be with me now and forever a love unyielding, unencumbered limits

set by our own fears and haunting past breaks free at last to reveal

Nothing or anybody can stand in our way now out demons out out demons out

Take my hand love and as we become one we conquer

Why I would sacrifice anything, everything for you

You rescued me baby you saved me from myself and my deepest darkness

You gave me hope back you brought me out from the darkness lighted the path

and the fact that you came to me in a time when i was not looking for love and still shinned so bright

well that just blows me away... and so I put into you my heart as one my soul as yours

Lets run the kidnappers run as we should abandon now into the future

These are things that allow me to love you...


  1. Lover, you know how I feel.
    Tears are somehow pathetic right now.
    I am with you, future unknown.
    Love is a cloak around us.
    We have this. For now.

  2. Thank you darling!
    Future is always unknown.
    We have this, true.
    Like you said, why can't we have
    control over our lives?