Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Have you felt like your life has been a censorship lately.
Ever feel like you are being watched, monitored by your every move?
Everything from spy ware on your PC to the government tracking everything we do.
It can be as simple as a spouse or parent blocking access to certain Internet sites, or big brother keeping tabs on everything you say or do. Has your life been hacked?
I feel like I'm being watched and blocked at work with websense. They have forbid certain workers from even getting on the Internet except to check company emails, while other can do whatever they like. At home I have to watch where I go or what I may say on twitter because spy ware is always tracking me off of key words I may type.
Then there is the fear of those you live with watching what you do, who you talk to, that kind of thing. With so much fear and control at our fingertips, how can anyone feel truly free? Wasn't the Internet supposed to set us free? We have created more deceit,lies, mistrust, fear, control, abuse, ridicule, judgements, misjudgements, cheating, misrepresentation, false truths, hype, lust, trust, love, money schemes, falsified facts, crying, laughing, anger, and apathy.
No wonder we have no sense of reality.
We have become victims of our own circumstance. What a sad state of affairs we have reached.

On the other side, I cannot imagine how boring my life would be right now without the Internet. How so many people that I have met, laughed with, interacted with, would not exist. I would be stuck in my day to day never seeing a way out of the humdrum daily existence that is the reality of my life now.
Think about it! No blogging, no blipping songs, no twitter folks to interact with? Crap, I would have to go back to playing mindless video games and watching TV. Oh but what if they took away your TV, your radios, your newspapers, books, letters, transportation devices, all communications???
What or how could we survive? Can you imagine a world like that? All we would have are the incessant demons talking to us in our heads. ohhhh man that is a scary thought. The mind would want to go where minds should never go.

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