Monday, April 12, 2010


It amazes lately how people's moods tend to fluctuate, especially my own.

It seems that in my case, it is directly related to my emotional bonds and whether I

get nourishment in my relationship. Is that true for everyone else? I would think

so, on varying levels. How easily we are either gratified or pushed to edge of

abandonment by how we interact with each other. Especially when your talking about

online relationships. It seems that the distance factor and limited time spent

together can really affect one's mood. I have spent countless hours pondering this

dilemma and frankly the more I ponder the worse it gets. Every lack of validation

adds up twofold to the already depleted absence of gratification of the physical.

Are we gluttons for punishment or is it just the circumstances of being in love

with someone whom you cannot be with presently? I have thought about this long before

and still have not come to terms with the outcome because there is no outcome only

possibilities. Hopes and dreams, knowing what I want but so much out of my hands adds

to the fears of losing someone you hold more precious than anyone you have ever

interacted with before. I'm not about to let her go and I think she knows that.

Even if the deep blue sea were to try to keep her away from me, I would find her loving arms.

A love so true that it can consume you in bliss is one that you can never miss. reaches out to your heart and soul.

absorbing you in layers of a warm mist, dragon's breath breathes in her snake breath, two serpents become entwined as one.

Disappears in flight, playfully becomes her delight, dances across the flame lit skies. forever bound by a harmonic sigh. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

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