Sunday, April 25, 2010


Would you meet me in paradise, just you and me?

A warm misty Island with blue green waters all around

A secluded cabin on the water where we could remain naked

Having only food and drinks delivered discreetly, a fresh towel here and there

The world around shut out, tuned out from media, phones, television, newspapers

Escape from obligations, appointments, work schedules, family demands

gazing into your pale green/blue eyes until our souls merge into one

kissing you sweetly, passionately, with complete abandon, living for desire

satisfying all our fantasies, desires, dreams, wantings

Seeing only you, moving in harmony and rhythm with you, anticipating every movement

Having our thoughts shared and understood without having to express them

How long could it last? This complete dedication and attention.

An eternity? A year? would you accept one to two weeks? I know I would gladly.

One life, love may come and go but life is a one shot experience.

Take the time to express your wants and desires and to play them out for your lover.

You never know if you will get another chance. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator


  1. Water lapping at our feet, gentle creatures of the sea offer their approval, flashing colour, vying for our attention. We glide and fly through crystal seas to make love on deserted beaches. Drinking each other in as though each breath we breathe were determined by the depth of our passion.
    This I see when I close my eyes.

  2. We share the same vision.
    Each breath spiraling us to new heights
    offering to each others delight
    making passionate love in the sun
    returning to the sea to renew our love
    Caressing our souls we curl up together in the cove
    sleep now my love...for tomorrow we seek to remove all boundaries...

  3. This was soooo personal sounding...I dared not comment.(No one ever says they MISS my comments~well not since I became UNshy).There were so many emotions stirred up by your words. I really wish this were a song on blip because I bet many could identify.
    Keep on...

  4. Thank you J.
    I know my posts have been very personal lately,
    but I still appreciate your comments.
    Let's keep looking for a song that fits. I have tried too and if not I should write one :)
    Keep being UNshy :)