Monday, May 17, 2010


Baby I think I dreamscaped you last night.

after a blissful night of love and tenderness I took flight.

seeking you out into the vastness of eternal light.

A calling was abound who turned out to be a dark welcoming entitiy.

I could not run I could not hide no fear, no worry

Just a calling without remorse, without resolve I followed.

I turned to see where I had been and when I looked forward again, I was swallowed.

Again, no fear only wonder and an aching desire.

If I touch her darkness would I learn what gives her the fire?

She turned to me with a blissful glance, instantly leading me into a trance.

Following her further into the darkness, suddenly kissed by waves of bubbled water I take my stance.

All fear now a thing of the past, breathing her in harmony, surrenders completely into her arms.

What kind of place is this, I asked as it unfolds? This is not a place at all says she, this is the depths of your soul.

The depths of my soul, asks me? That's right, one would think you would recognize it's toil.

Herein is the place where every doubt, past fears, loves lost, hurt, deceit, betrayal are released.

In a frightening voice, bellows out "Release all that crap you carry now" for it can serve you no purpose now.

For it is time for us to move up to the next level, and we can no longer carry the past.

Our souls will merge together soon and we have to hurry if we want this love to last.

I look to her in wonder, are we ready for this everlasting love?

Before I can even see past her eyes, a flood of emotions washes over us and a lighted tunnel opens up.

We face each other and entwine our fingers, lips barely touching we vanish into the light. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator.

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