Thursday, May 13, 2010


I want to talk about a hot topic where I live.
Arizona just passed one of the toughest immigration laws in history.
And it could not have come at a more horrible time than now. Our economy is in the toilet and we are dependent on business conventions and that kind of thing to survive the brutal summer months and so let's make everyone hate us even more for our laws and bigotry by passing two laws that will race profile Hispanics. I don't care what our hag governor says, the cops here will use race profiling to the max. They are already trigger happy and would rather shot you than listen to reason or if not that at least beat the crap out of you.
Oh and by the way when was the last time you heard of any real threat against this country coming out of Mexico? We all know the stories about how illegals come up here, have kids and milk the welfare system for all they can get. I have heard about these stories first hand and I know some of it goes on. How a veteran who fought in the war cannot make ends meet and cannot get any kind of assistance, yet an illegal can with having children born here, get $1500.00 or more per kid and never have to work or pay taxes. Is that the people they are going after? NO!! Of course not. They are already part of the system and they know where they live but they are not going after them. They want to go after the ones running across the borders and close off the borders. In the first place, have walls ever worked throughout history? Did they work in China? Berlin? anywhere? How about King Kong? nope, didn't work there either.
If the government really wanted to control the borders, all they need to do is legalize pot and regulate it. Then they would reap the profits and control the market thus shutting down most of the issues we have between Mexico and the U.S.
And to say its a party issue? Give me a break!! Neither party can claim to have come up with anything remotely useful in the last twenty years as far as immigration goes.
What about other portal cities that have much higher potential to let the Taliban or others in? Places like New York, Seattle, Miami? I'd say you have a much higher concern regarding terrorists in places like that then you have in Mexico. Maybe I'm not seeing the big picture here, and please enlighten me with some facts if your inclined but isn't all this really about fear. Keep everyone scared to death so your government can slowly strip you of every right this country was created for?
Beware of what you wish for. You just might get it and you will never even know what hit you...
She also passed a law to do away with special classes in Tucson aimed at Hispanics. In other words, some dickbrain legislator convinced her that these classes were anti-American and teach them to hate Americans. Do these idiots really think, they need to be taught that? Obviously anyone who is minority and has experienced profiling and racial injustice can contest to that. What mentality do these people exist in? Why are we going backwards in progress. What would we do if all diversity was wiped out and only whites existed? Who would we blame then? Then it would be the white blue collar middle class to blame for all the problems in the world. oh yes and in case you don't know the world could not exist without them... is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator


  1. ps--who are they going to get to build those walls if they stop mexican immigrant? no one else will work for slave wages--your friend-ana

  2. Exactly! Who will clean their houses, fix their cars, do their yard work.
    Thanks for you comment A.
    Great to see you on here.