Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The subject of responsibility has come up again.
In regards to the social media sites out there, I want to
focus on blipfm again. Just because irresponsibility seems to run
rampant there does not give everyone ca rte blanch to just do whatever
they feel like doing! Do not forget that at the control of that avatar and
name, albeit not likely real, there is a real person at the controls. A person
with real feelings, real dreams, real aspirations, real intentions, a real life that
does not include blip. Sure there are those who thrive on the player aspects and for
those who do, go for it, but when someone indicates to you that they are not interested, then do the right thing and just back off! There is no place for annoying someone with lies, deceit, tricks, or anything else you may think will
gain their attention. Believe me, it will almost always do the opposite and drive them away from you.
The other thing is when someone re-blips a song you blipped, don't take their name off of it and claim it for yourself. Do not take the name off of the person they blipped to so that you can claim it for yourself. I know sometimes the list is too long and you have to remove some people, but if there is only one person on the list and you remove them and replace them with yourself, do you really think that is going to impress the person who blipped it?

The other problem we are seeing more of is hackers staking out claims there. This is a music site for people who care about music! It is not an opportunity for stealing identities or passing viruses around or hacking into peoples youtube accounts, whatever!! Get a life!!!
Now I think that the administrators of blip should be doing a lot more to protect it's members, but having emailed them several times about other issues, I really don't think they could care less.
Most of us want to enjoy our blip addictions, but many are making it too hard to continue having a good time there.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


In fairness to drummers I'm going to do the counter part to why guitarists are nuts too.
Number one:
They think what they play has to always be kick-ass, knock them on the ground kind of awesomeness!
In reality, I'm finding more subtle sounds to be more enduring. I have always been drawn to acoustical sounds as
being the window to our musical soul.

Number two:
If they write a song, they think if has to be their way or no way!
in practice, it's not a bad idea to re-hash, re-write, listen to new ideas, play off of others input.
Without input, and validation, how can you know if what you wrote is THAT good? Of course, sometimes
we just get lucky.

Number three:
They sometimes think that a lead solo that goes on for fourteen minutes is something everyone wants to hear!
Well if your stoned, that can sound great or if you just want to trip out with headphones, then yeah!!! We also have
Pink Floyd for that and hard to beat them. Maybe the realization that too long a solo just might take away from the song's intent and flow? A hard one to give up for sure!!

Number four:
The assumption that rhythm guitar is boring!
Let's face it, a lot of bands don't use them anymore, but they really are the glue that holds the theme of the song and all
the transitions, subtle and hard, flowing in continuity. Throwing in acoustical sequences between leads can really add new dimensions to a great song.

Number five:
Writers are NOT always right!
Other members of the band can write too, not just guitarists! A successful lead guitarist should be able to
write a great drum solo too, but often as not they can't.
Realizing your limitations is not only better for your work, but a humbling experience too.

Number six:
Remember the lyrics!
Great songs are made great by what is written above what is played. Sure some great songs exist without lyrics,
but for all of what will be remembered, the songs with great lyrics will be.
They don't even have to be that insightful to be great, just enough mystery and thought provoking can do it.
Stairway to heaven. Remembered for it's great guitar solo? Sure! and for it's great lyrics that most people can't remember.
Is it because they don't make sense? somewhat! But the genius behind where the lyrics take you on that song is the true marvel!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Number one:
They like to hit things with sticks. When they can't beat their drums, they go after anything in the way, like your head!(when you are asleep :)

Number two:
They don't understand how hard it is to play a guitar. They think all we do is strum or pick at a note. They have no idea of all the complexities that are involved with fingering the fretboard while playing the note without distortion.

Number three:
They feel isolated! There are several different guitars in most bands along with keyboards, etc but usually only one drummer. Some bands have more than one though like the great Allman brothers used two drummers at one time.

Number four:
They think they are the make or break element of the band. In reality, they are but don't tell them that. True a great drummer can make a band, but a bad drummer can take a band down too. Problem is that once they know they are good, there is no taming them.

Number five:
Party, party, party, then show up late for rehearsals or recording sessions,
sometimes blowing off completely.
Damn those boys can party. Guitarists get drunk and find oak trees in their way but drummers can dodge anything! Must be that finger to hand dexterity.
endurance? debatable! Guitarists endure where it counts with the ladies.
(most chicks don't like that incessant tapping down their backs :))

Number six:
Read the music dude! No you don't just play it from your head! We went to all the trouble to write it, the least you can do is pretend to be reading it.

all and all in good fun! Gotta love your drummers! can't live with them and can't live without them.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Look at you in the mirror. Who is that person feeling so secure.

Are you feeling the confidence in your new found love.

Or just waiting for the dust to wash it out from above.

Have you been living in the truth of what you so desperately seek.

or is it just another trick to leave you alone and weak.

What brings this aura of belief to make you so cool and high.

only then leaving you crying for the wolfs mercy obliged to deny.

Did you really think this one would be different than the rest.

Her truth calling to you in the night, standing above the best.

Laughing behind your back as you puff out your chest, the muse silently sneers.

Fools rush in before seeing the truth, brilliant men always wait for it to appear.

A man of few words will always win over one who recklessly spills his gut.

While taking love for granted will just leave you in a rut.

If you should accomplish what many have tried and failed

Just remember who awaits for you at the end of the trail.

Don't be too judgemental, humble or quick to make haste

or you know who may have to lay your soul to waste.

Strive to gallant in all endeavors however large or small.

Show mercy and remorse when you heed the call.

Listen to your heart when things go wrong.

Don't be told again to listen to the song.

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