Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The subject of responsibility has come up again.
In regards to the social media sites out there, I want to
focus on blipfm again. Just because irresponsibility seems to run
rampant there does not give everyone ca rte blanch to just do whatever
they feel like doing! Do not forget that at the control of that avatar and
name, albeit not likely real, there is a real person at the controls. A person
with real feelings, real dreams, real aspirations, real intentions, a real life that
does not include blip. Sure there are those who thrive on the player aspects and for
those who do, go for it, but when someone indicates to you that they are not interested, then do the right thing and just back off! There is no place for annoying someone with lies, deceit, tricks, or anything else you may think will
gain their attention. Believe me, it will almost always do the opposite and drive them away from you.
The other thing is when someone re-blips a song you blipped, don't take their name off of it and claim it for yourself. Do not take the name off of the person they blipped to so that you can claim it for yourself. I know sometimes the list is too long and you have to remove some people, but if there is only one person on the list and you remove them and replace them with yourself, do you really think that is going to impress the person who blipped it?

The other problem we are seeing more of is hackers staking out claims there. This is a music site for people who care about music! It is not an opportunity for stealing identities or passing viruses around or hacking into peoples youtube accounts, whatever!! Get a life!!!
Now I think that the administrators of blip should be doing a lot more to protect it's members, but having emailed them several times about other issues, I really don't think they could care less.
Most of us want to enjoy our blip addictions, but many are making it too hard to continue having a good time there.

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  1. Wonderfully stated...wish you could post this on blip for all to read and ponder. One thing...I am guilty of and will try to explain why. If I am blipped a song...and there are multiple people in the blip then I usually rb it with a TY to ONLY the person who blipped it to me and for this reason (i also prop them if i am not over the prop limit for the day) and that is so that the same song doesn't go back and forth a gazillion times with every dj thanking and rbing everyone included in the blip. I have a bigtime DJ who has a ton of listeners who detests the mass replies as they like to do the personal thing but they also prop the original named blipper. There is a certain woman DJ who rb's every song sent with her name in it because each dj is thanking the originator and she filled up my inbox with such a truckload of messages...my berry was buzzing all day. Hope this makes sense in some way....any questions..please ask me and I will try not to strip all the other names outta any blips you send me...but hope you understand why....not to claim it as if a "to me only" blip but so as not to fill up any others with too many rbs. :-) Tks for all!

  2. J,
    That is perfectly fine! I know several Dj's who do the same for that reason. I may try doing that too, as I don't always think about filling up peep's emails with junk they have already rec'vd. If the song is really good I guess I don't mind the mass reblipping :)
    Thanks as always for the great comments.

  3. Thank you Patty for your comment. I'm not sure where you posted it but I received a notification via email. I agree with you totally that blip doesn't care about much of anything that goes on blip. Evidenced by the fact that there are so many fake dj ID's and like you said mind games. Also the fact that you cannot really block someone from seeing your blips, only from appearing on your favorites and propping, rb's. They also don't care about all the lame covers they have on there, as I know many, including me have complained about this to no response or changes.

  4. Thanks Gidyean! So far I'm liking your blog. Talk to you later:)

    April (EnchantedA)