Saturday, June 19, 2010


In fairness to drummers I'm going to do the counter part to why guitarists are nuts too.
Number one:
They think what they play has to always be kick-ass, knock them on the ground kind of awesomeness!
In reality, I'm finding more subtle sounds to be more enduring. I have always been drawn to acoustical sounds as
being the window to our musical soul.

Number two:
If they write a song, they think if has to be their way or no way!
in practice, it's not a bad idea to re-hash, re-write, listen to new ideas, play off of others input.
Without input, and validation, how can you know if what you wrote is THAT good? Of course, sometimes
we just get lucky.

Number three:
They sometimes think that a lead solo that goes on for fourteen minutes is something everyone wants to hear!
Well if your stoned, that can sound great or if you just want to trip out with headphones, then yeah!!! We also have
Pink Floyd for that and hard to beat them. Maybe the realization that too long a solo just might take away from the song's intent and flow? A hard one to give up for sure!!

Number four:
The assumption that rhythm guitar is boring!
Let's face it, a lot of bands don't use them anymore, but they really are the glue that holds the theme of the song and all
the transitions, subtle and hard, flowing in continuity. Throwing in acoustical sequences between leads can really add new dimensions to a great song.

Number five:
Writers are NOT always right!
Other members of the band can write too, not just guitarists! A successful lead guitarist should be able to
write a great drum solo too, but often as not they can't.
Realizing your limitations is not only better for your work, but a humbling experience too.

Number six:
Remember the lyrics!
Great songs are made great by what is written above what is played. Sure some great songs exist without lyrics,
but for all of what will be remembered, the songs with great lyrics will be.
They don't even have to be that insightful to be great, just enough mystery and thought provoking can do it.
Stairway to heaven. Remembered for it's great guitar solo? Sure! and for it's great lyrics that most people can't remember.
Is it because they don't make sense? somewhat! But the genius behind where the lyrics take you on that song is the true marvel! is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator


  1. I agree with everything you say! Hey guitarists, noodling around for an hour is for your bedroom to help you develop your ideas and technique for solos. Jam bands are few and far between and still people want identifiable songs with good lyrics! I usually find that drummers want to rule the band because it's their house. LOL! : )

  2. Right On Sister!
    Yes we guitarists do get a lot of our ideas in the bedroom, LMAO!!
    and your right Drummers do want to rule!
    Thanks for the comment :)