Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Look at you in the mirror. Who is that person feeling so secure.

Are you feeling the confidence in your new found love.

Or just waiting for the dust to wash it out from above.

Have you been living in the truth of what you so desperately seek.

or is it just another trick to leave you alone and weak.

What brings this aura of belief to make you so cool and high.

only then leaving you crying for the wolfs mercy obliged to deny.

Did you really think this one would be different than the rest.

Her truth calling to you in the night, standing above the best.

Laughing behind your back as you puff out your chest, the muse silently sneers.

Fools rush in before seeing the truth, brilliant men always wait for it to appear.

A man of few words will always win over one who recklessly spills his gut.

While taking love for granted will just leave you in a rut.

If you should accomplish what many have tried and failed

Just remember who awaits for you at the end of the trail.

Don't be too judgemental, humble or quick to make haste

or you know who may have to lay your soul to waste.

Strive to gallant in all endeavors however large or small.

Show mercy and remorse when you heed the call.

Listen to your heart when things go wrong.

Don't be told again to listen to the song.

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