Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Number one:
They like to hit things with sticks. When they can't beat their drums, they go after anything in the way, like your head!(when you are asleep :)

Number two:
They don't understand how hard it is to play a guitar. They think all we do is strum or pick at a note. They have no idea of all the complexities that are involved with fingering the fretboard while playing the note without distortion.

Number three:
They feel isolated! There are several different guitars in most bands along with keyboards, etc but usually only one drummer. Some bands have more than one though like the great Allman brothers used two drummers at one time.

Number four:
They think they are the make or break element of the band. In reality, they are but don't tell them that. True a great drummer can make a band, but a bad drummer can take a band down too. Problem is that once they know they are good, there is no taming them.

Number five:
Party, party, party, then show up late for rehearsals or recording sessions,
sometimes blowing off completely.
Damn those boys can party. Guitarists get drunk and find oak trees in their way but drummers can dodge anything! Must be that finger to hand dexterity.
endurance? debatable! Guitarists endure where it counts with the ladies.
(most chicks don't like that incessant tapping down their backs :))

Number six:
Read the music dude! No you don't just play it from your head! We went to all the trouble to write it, the least you can do is pretend to be reading it.

all and all in good fun! Gotta love your drummers! can't live with them and can't live without them.

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  1. Animaaall! Every kid's fave drummer!

  2. Oh yeah! I Forgot about how funny and great he is!! Lol thanks ~ <3