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Perhaps one of the greatest rock albums of this century.
An incredible mix of Eric clapton, Steve Winwood, Ric Grech, and Ginger Baker,
The most unique sound from Clapton's lead guitar, Ginger's drumming is absolutely original, and Winwood's vocals and keyboards make this an awesome mix of talents.
Of course it couldn't last. This one incredible album stands alone and unsurpassed.
listen to track 01:

A hauntingly soulful blues tune that grabs you from the first line and clapton's guitar draws you into a mesmerizing trance almost.
builds up to an incredible climax that almost scrambles your brain.

Next is Cant Find My Way Home:

Great melody, lyrics and acoustic guitar work. A trip through the inner mind of religion, the hopelessness of realization of what drugs and being lost can do to your body and soul.

Well Alright:

A live and love tune about freedom, free love, and the new philosophy of the times. Innocence was pure and the belief that they would change the world to bring about a new Utopia.

Presence of the Lord follows:


Again a song about testimony of faith. Written by Eric Clapton and his first song that he wrote all the lyrics for.

Next was Sea Of Joy:

Perhaps the best song on the album, although I love all of them. Again it is mesmerizing, drawing you into that boat waiting to set sail with them. Steve Winwood song. Lyrics provided below:

Following the shadows of the skies,
Or are they only figments of my eyes?
And I'm feeling close to when the race is run.
Waiting in our boats to set sail.
Sea of joy.

Once the door swings open into space,
And I'm already waiting in disguise.
Is it just a thorn between my eyes?
Waiting in our boats to set sail.
Sea of joy.

Having trouble coming through,
Through this concrete blocks my view
And it's all because of you.

Oh, is it just a thorn between my eyes?
Waiting in our boats to set sail.
Sea of joy.

Sea of joy.
Sea of joy.
Sailing free.
Sea of joy

Last but not least was: Do What You Like

A Ginger Baker song of course, with an incredible drum solo. A lengthy song with not much to say, except to promote freedom of thought and living your life as your own. Thinking back, how many of us ever really get to do that. Maybe for a limited time they got to live their dreams. is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator

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