Saturday, September 11, 2010


You are the one, you are my only drum

You make things real, you know how to have fun

When will we learn, the meaning of our love

You hold the key, to all our dreams above

Ah yes giving love all our best

Oh yeah, our love stands above the rest

Giving you my heart giving you my heart you knew it from the start

Passion lady roll me control me devour me steal my heart

Can't you see I'm yours for the taking can't believe how high your love making

Oh baby don't slow down don't you stop until the morning light is burning

Giving our souls raking our love grow a new dawn is turning

Captured by your smile lured into your hearts desire

Eternity awaits if we are ready to jump into the fire

Not yet not now we scream there is too much awaiting for us to be dreamed

Giving taking without thinking bringing us into this awakening

And for this gift we offer up for everyone to see there will be no mistake


  1. This love, this life, exquisite and fragile, cannot be broken. Hope, love, faith, all these are eternal.

  2. Thank you baby. It all awaits for us!
    Nothing can come between us now.