Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Celestial Awakening

lend me your heart

Transport me through the stars so bright

My senses on fire

my eyes beaming with desire

oh let it start

Cannot fight the surging impulse

no longer running from the light

Strapped into her arms of lust

longing for her to hold you near

Make-up sex is best, especially after a fight

she looks at you and smiles, satisfied with delight

You feel no remorse

happy to please her heart

Who can say what is wrong with two people so right

lest not ye judge

righteous one

For a man needs a hiding place away from the fire

I seek the warmth and comfort of your eternal desire is copyrighted © and may not be used without permission from the creator


  1. Very well done! Much enjoyed this writing! I look forward to reading more :) ~April

    When visiting your blog I did however encounter an odd twitter coded pop-up requesting info....not sure if you realized this..I didn't know blogger/twitter could be integrated... =))

  2. Thank you April :)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
    I have seen that pop-up come up on occasion?
    I know I have my blog linked with twitter so that when I post a blog, it sends a notification tweet... :))

  3. Um...did you know about my husband and myself? Because you nailed us! Very cool and nice to see someone understands, true connection.
    Kat ( NewOrleansKat)

  4. Hi Kat! lol. It's good to know there are others with this kind of passion :) Thanks for your comment...