Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I woke up with love in my heart and a song playing in my head

The sky was cloudy, but my heart was filled with sunshine

It felt so good to not have those blues that make you stay in bed

She looked up to me, smiled and said: "baby, I'm so glad your mine"

I smiled boldly back, planning my attack, moved slowly into her arms

She said: "not so fast lover, don't try to blow my cover, and I'm not falling for your charms"

I wailed back: "wait a minute darling, I'm the one who's falling", as I led her into a dance

She twirled around twice batted her baby blues, leading me into a trance

Who could resist? she encased me in her bliss, as my knees became weak

She lead me in seduction, it felt like an abduction, then smiled back "oh lover your in for a treat"

How could I resist, as she lead me into the mist, our cooing could be heard all down the street

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Illustration courtesy of Lily Bradbury

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